New Year, New Tablo DVR (& Commercial Skip!)

In late March, we’re starting an open beta for our automatic commercial skip feature. There is no signup.

For updates on the upcoming automatic commercial skip feature, stay tuned here, via Facebook, Twitter, or the Cord Cutting This Week newsletter.

It does not.

We’ve looked at a lot of different technology/methods in the past but none of them worked well enough, or worked in a way that made sense for the way Tablo is designed.

We’re feeling really good about this one and can’t wait for everyone to be able to enjoy it!

When can I order this in Canada?

[edit:] and where can I order an 8TB 2.5 inch hard drive?

Not yet on the 8TB 2.5" :slight_smile:

Don’t pop their balloon so soon. And can’t 2.5 drives come in two different heights.

This sounds like a great new feature.

Question for Tablo - Will the commercial skip work with a recording that is still in progress? Or will it only work once the recording is complete and the thumbnails are in place?

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Y’all are way too nerdy.

It’s just easier to say we have an all-around limit of 8TB. Given how fast tech moves, I’m sure we’ll see one soon!

And for those plotting purchases, we support both sizes of standard 2.5" SATA drives (7mm and 9.5mm).

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What will be the minimum internet upload speed needed for commercial skip to work properly? I was on the original beta test, but my upload speed was too slow for it to work without crashing my Internet connection. (5 Mbps down and 0.5 Mbps up)

It has to upload to do the commercial cutting? I suppose I understand. Something like that is probably pretty CPU intensive. But I’m stuck with DSL and upload sucks for me too. (Download as well compared to cable but DSL can handle 1080p HD streaming).

Maybe we are, but when can I order the QUAD in Canada?

I’ll suffer with a 4TB drive until someone gets around to making an 8TB drive.

I would expect that an HTML cloud based technology for commercial skipping that requires significant data speed and data usage (recording uploading) is probably DOA for most users.

Of course from a marketing point of view tablo can claim it has it.

FYI, for clarity, it doesn’t upload the entire show.

Depending on the settings of your Tablo, it will use between 100-200 MB/hour of recording in external internet bandwidth.

For reference, if you schedule about 40 recordings in a month this will equal to 8 GB of bandwidth used. It’s more than Tablo uses for regular processes (like guide data) but is still only a fraction of overall bandwidth for those with datacaps.

Who has a family of 2-4 and only records 40 shows a month.

When football season starts around the first of September that’s 20 games per weekend. And they are around 4 hours long. Want me to do the math?

I have a family of four (though only two of use the Tablo), and it is right around 40 recordings in a month.

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Since you have been a tablo user for a long time and that goes back to when the prices were much higher, how did you justify the costs of the initial purchase for only 40 shows a month. There were other solutions that were not only cheaper but would easily cover 40 shows a month.

Of course there are those who like to play with different technology regardless of the costs.

2 families, at least. :slight_smile:
Some use the Tablo only for Live TV, like my mom.
Some use the Tablo for recording, but only a few channels come in reliably enough to record, so very few shows are recorded, and that would be for me.

It’s also more likely that new users can’t record many shows, because their set up isn’t optimal.
Their antenna may be limited, and, or antenna location is not optimal.
With time, users improve the environment dynamics, or tolerate suboptimal performance.
Better environment -> more recordings

i assume SSD is ok for this?

Unless you are locked into a specific playback device or remote connect I couldn’t image a reason to pick tablo strictly/only for Live TV.

My hdhomerun does a much better job of Live TV and a new connect duo on sale was only $80.

Not recommended