NEW - Tablo Windows 10/Xbox App Update (v.1.9.9)

Just now received the notification of the change to a Tablo Windows App. I find it to be un-usable in its current state as it lacks the Most Recent grouping on the Recordings view. This MUST be fixed before I can use the app. I do not see how this product passed beta testing. Perhaps no one has ever used the app in a real world situation.


Under “TV Shows”, this Windows 10 app (v.1.9.9) has neither “New” or “Genres” !!!
Genres is my favorite way to discover shows by topic, eg., Nature, Animals, Auto, etc.

I hope this will be fixed before the Browser app quits working.

Also, letting users adjust the rewind button to other lengths would be extremely helpful.

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Android app has “Genres” & “New” as well.

Does this mean my Windows 8.1/Edge/Tablo web app combination will cease to work? My machine can’t upgrade to Windows 10. (I was using it for Windows Media Center; I’d hate to go back to it.)

That sounds exactly like what they are saying, which makes this more of a Chrome issue than a Tablo issue. They use the exact same method many other devices use.

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Will Linux users to be able (to continue) to wrap the web app using Electron (chromium base) as long as http communication remains available?

Just found the answer to my question. I’ll need a Windows 10 machine to run the app. I can use the Roku in the meantime, until I get a Windows 11 machine next year.

Everyone hating on the loss of the Chrome browser, but this feature is useful. You can’t get sound in Chrome with surround sound turned on.

This is hard to say, since we haven’t tested this specific use case to begin with. If the Chromium base is updated with these changes, then it would no longer function. At this time, our recommendation for Linux users is to use FireFox.

We can’t speak to every combination or use case, but as it stands, our configuration will soon be unsupported (publicly hosted web app, local hardware, without SSL).

That’s likely the case - a workaround you could consider is using Firefox.

Assuming these changes from Chrome make their way to the Brave browser, yes, it will have the same issue.

With regards to the missing filters: these will be included in future updates as part of the new app refreshes.

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Actually, Brave may have more control and might not have to do everything Google demands.

Hi Tablo -
You have totally confused us. On one hand, you recommend using Firefox, yet in some other posts, you suggest that over the long-term, you are giving up on the web-based access to our Tablo devices all together (which would be a colossal mistake on Tablo’s part).

Can you clarify? Are you going to add the “Recent recordings” button to the Firefox web-access, and provide full support for web-access from Firefox? There’s a few million of us who don’t give a rip about Windows 10, 11 or whatever. One major strength of the Tablo products is that Tablo is accessible from any network device via a browser. Google Chrome notwithstanding, please clarify that you will maintain browser access to our Tablo devices so that Linux, Chromebook and other non-Windoze devices can use our Tablos.

Thank you!


…as well as (not using) data mining proprietary streaming devices.

They know how many access via web app, and how few are not Windows users, sure it’s a minority, but we’d like to continue using tablo without investing in what we don’t need.

My guess is the key part here is the “publicly hosted web app” statement and unencrypted traffic would be allowed if the web app were locally hosted.

This was posted in a different topic about issues with Chrome: Google-Chrome 92 beta doesn't work with - #10 by zippy

Private network requests are requests whose target server’s IP address is more private than that from which the request initiator was fetched. For example, a request from a public website ( to a private website (http://router.local), or a request from a private website to localhost.

My “non-developer” understanding - tablo start’s public which in turns gets a response from this provides the browser with your local networks IP of your tablo and connects to your private network HTTP no S!

Starts with a public address… ends up with a private address. I kind of think when you access your router or media streaming on your router – you access directly via a private address internally on your LAN. They even provide an illustration.

A suggested work-around includes:

If the subresource is served from a private IP address, serve the embedder website from a private IP address as well.
If the subresource is served from localhost, serve the embedder website from localhost as well.

If it’s all within a private address - on your LAN, it’s a non-issue. (?)

Again, non-developer, non-network administrator.

While the Tablo implementation is rare, I would think that there’s other things that might be affected by this change apart from Tablo.

(I could be wrong)

You got it correct if you use developer mode in Chrome you will see this warning. It says Chrome 92 but the article you showed indicates the delayed the feature to 93 to feedback. Which links back to the feature. Chrome Feature

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Calling it a “feature” that’s a throw back :laughing: to the “old days”.

Features vs Functionality:

Features are the “tools” you [may] choose to use or [may] be options within a system to complete a set of tasks or actions. Features exist to meet users needs.
Functionality is how the system operates, with out user choice.

Ok, CORS Feature may have it uses... how do I disable this *feature* :thinking: as to meet my needs? Oh, it's actually just it's basic function -- just it sounds nicer to tell users we now have a new feature to protect them (from themselves)

Is the problem a redirect? Just bring up a web page with a link. I don’t mind clicking.

I have Firefox 90.02 64bit running on Mint Linux. is very slow to load and often it doesn’t load at all.
CC is screw up and many times when it does load it quits part way through.
Your quote:“For our Linux users, we have validated that the Firefox browser supports most features of the Tablo web app at this time.”
Is pure bull.
If you can’t get it working I think you owe me a refund for the lifetime channel guide and the cost of the Tablo device.