NEW - Tablo Windows 10/Xbox App Update (v.1.9.9)

Or at least give them enough time to rip their recordings and jump ship.

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@TabloTV @TabloSupport anything? all day you had to have anticipated some of these questions and concerns to provide some feedback.

Even the canned “good idea, I’ll pass it on”, it’s on our road map, it’s something we’ve been considering. ? Oh, wow, never thought it’d take down so many users.

You have analytical user data and know how big the minority web app user base is. Not enough to be concerned with in the big picture.

Hi all, here is some additional context and some clarification behind the upcoming changes surrounding the Tablo Web App for Chrome:

First off, the Tablo web app will continue to be maintained and available to all of our users. However due to changes coming in Chrome 93, the Tablo web app running on Chrome 93 and above is blocked from accessing video streams from a Tablo device, even when it’s on the same secure local network.

This is as a result of Chrome 93 enforcing a new rule that disallows communication between the browser and local devices on a secure home network that do not use SSL encryption.

The Tablo records and plays back unencrypted Over the Air Broadcast TV streams. Since the source video is unencrypted, the Tablo sends these streams over the Local LAN unencrypted. The Tablo encrypts control traffic for security but lacks the capability to do real time encryption of high bitrate video streams, as this has been unnecessary in the past.

We understand this Chrome change is disruptive, but the hardware cannot be changed with a software update. Therefore, we have released a new version of the Windows 10 Tablo app that is unaffected by the Chrome 93 browser change for our Windows PC users.

Safari has not yet indicated that they will enforce the same rule, and we expect the Tablo web app to be unaffected in that browser.

For our Linux users, we have validated that the Firefox browser supports most features of the Tablo web app at this time.


thanks for the clarification!

and response :exclamation:

I presume this goes along with a brief discussion Google-Chrome 92 beta doesn’t work with, suggest since Edge follows the same development as Chrome now, it too will become disabled :frowning:


  • Not fully supported on all browsers - optimized for Chrome, Safari, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge

We Recommend
Any PC or MAC computer running Chrome, Safari, or Edge will work with the Tablo web app.

It’s never stated it’s explicitly limited to Chrome, and implied - “Not fully supported on all browser” users may user a browser of their choice… knowing it may have limited function.

so long live web app… well, at least still alive! again thanks for the clarification and the continued life.
Does this also suggest exporting apps will likely still function?


They should work fine, but depending on the app and its implementation, (e.g if they’re relying on browser plugins) that could cause some issues.

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Thanks very much for the fuller explanation. I didn’t realize this change was coming in Chrome.

It turns out this move by Google will affect not just Tablo, but any LAN device that can’t be accessed via HTTPS. As an administrator I shouldn’t have to find out about this stuff from my TV app, but here we are.

Thanks for your efforts to pivot back to a native app on affected platforms. I’m beginning to run out of reasons to keep using Chrome…


Came here JUST for that reason. Seriously this needs to be fixed ASAP.

Let’s hope tablo upgrades website connection. I cannot figure out how to do those router port settings. Make it just, log into with tablo account. Please.


My company limits what can be downloaded from the M$ store. As of this post, the Tablo App was not available to me… and probably never will be.
Sounds like I will be forced to watch recordings on my phone when on business trips. Not an ideal solution. Open to suggestions.

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I am so glad someone else had trouble with this! I thought I was dumb…

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Does the app use encrypted or unencrypted communication for remote connections? If encrypted, then would it continue to work outside the home?

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And I am a retired I.t. Tech. I gave up trying to set mine up, decided tablo company should just make it website login able.

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Agreed! We’ve just deployed this.

The Microsoft app store? Seriously?

So for whatever reason, when I hit download, nothing happens. I use the Brave browser which is Chromium based. I’d think it would continue to work, at least for awhile.

None the less, the “app” won’t download. And before you ask, “no” I won’t run IE, or Edge, or whatever the current spy infested browser of the day is. You guys need to get this working with HTML5 and adhere to standards vs this proprietary stuff. Or make an “app” that doesn’t depend on Microsoft.


@TabloTV @TabloSupport Do you know if the Brave browser will be the same? It’s based on the Chrome engine, so probably, but confirmation would be good.

The Android app works well on small screens, not on large screens. Our household hasn’t run Windows or Mac on a computer in over six years. We do everything on Chromebooks and Linux. The notion that our favorite way to consume TV is about to abandon us is horrible.

Your “strategy” to abandon a couple million users / potential users by dumping your Web app is not at all a sound business strategy. The strength and appeal of a network device like Tablo is to be as device-independent as possible. My household hasn’t run Windows or Mac OS for six years - we watch 80% of our Tablo content on Chromebooks, with the Chrome browser, and the rest via ROKU devices.

I sincerely think that your limited dev bandwidth would be much better spent on improving your web-based access to Tablo devices rather than just one OS (Windows) that is losing market share at a steady rate. Losing the ability to use our Tablo from our Chromebooks would make our Tablo mostly a paperweight. I love the Tablo. Please be sure to keep browser access well supported.

Meanwhile, I have forwarded your “announcement” to developer friends I know at Google because they have a vested interest in continuing to grow the very large market for Chromebooks running ChromeOS.

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I would suspect the Windows version of FIrefox should work as well… with what ever limitations you may supposedly encounter.

I've also found [Pale Moon]( - forked from the origional Firefox Gecko *engine* - available for LInux and WIndows, works as well (with what ever limitations you get not being optimized for Chrome).

“This is as a result of Chrome 93 enforcing a new rule that disallows communication between the browser and local devices on a secure home network that do not use SSL encryption.”

So what you are saying is that Google’s ver 93 browser will no longer work with a gazillion DLNA servers that are running on LAN routers in people’s homes to serve up locally stored content (downloaded music, videos etc). Those little linux-based routers stream content over the LAN that is un-encrypted too.

Google is going to get so much flack over this that I think they will be forced to provide a way to stream content on the secure LAN. Don’t kill your web access to Tablo devices — that is one of the main strengths of your entire product line.


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