NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.7.0)

I just noticed this for the first time this afternoon after I forced updates and the Tablo updated. This is cool and I just love it. Thank You!

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just found it after seeing the up down arrows and had to see what was new. This is so cool. Only glitch I have run into is that sometimes it reverts back to top of channel list. I will scroll from 2.1 get down 14 or 20 channels and it jumps back to 2.1. Sometimes I havent been able to get past 2.2 before it jumps back to 2.1. Seems to happen at the hour and half hour or a 1-2 min after. Only used a bit, and if I see a trend will report back.

I bet it does that because the mini-guide is refreshed every 30 minutes.

I was having this issue on the first day (after update). When you first pull up the mini guide let it rest for about about 5-8 seconds, then scroll up/down to channel you want. It should quit “rolling “.

In the Recordings – it seems when you go to the left (filter view) and select “Recent”/“Most Recent” it no longer shows it as a nice grid (just like the default “All” view).

The current stable app does a really good job to mimic the web interface in showing the full grid sorted.

Would it be possible to bring that back?

The Recent section on the Roku never showed a grid view, it’s always been a list.

Meant to reply this in the FireTV “new app” thread.
Correct, the Roku never had it – the FireTV had it until the last update :slight_smile:

That said - it’s well due as a comment in this thread too – would it be possible to add this. It’s really hard to sort by the “vertical list” (vs the grid). The grid is beautiful for navigation. The list is good for the last few episodes/tv shows, but anything past that is a hassle to sort/find/select. The grid shows a nice visual of way of “which shows just had a recent episode”.

I agree with @snowcat, with one additional thought.
The mini guide displays what’s currently available, so it makes sense that it’ll refresh when one or more of the channels in the list ends one program and begins another.

@TabloTV, now, it would be slicker to just refresh the channels that need refreshing, and also keep your place in the list.

Very nice, I’ve been hoping for this for a long time. Thank you

Hi. New user here and this is my first post. I spent hours watching YouTube reviews and almost didn’t buy the Tablo because it didn’t have a feature like this so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I powered it up for the first time, which was actually the date of the release, and saw this overlay guide using my Roku TV.

I am however seeing the problem described by stockflyer. Pretty annoying and I hope that gets fixed. I’m also having two other issues that will probably cause me to return this Tablo anyway and try a HDHomeRun but I will do some searching here and if I don’t see any info about them I will post a new thread.

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Hey guys, this is the very BEST UPDATE EVER!!!
I have been waiting for this since I joined over 3 years ago!
I works SO GREAT…I am using the ROKU PREMIERE + 4K HDR
Now the only thing that is missing is the Ability to Scan the channels, when I scroll down, it skips that function. I had to use my iPad to re-scan my channels.

OH!, I am running 2 TABLO’s 4 Tuners. Onbected to 3 Antennas.

Please ADD the CHANNEL SCAN Function on the ROKU.
I will be testing the APPLE TV4 1080P, and the APPLE TV5 4K later,
and gve you feedback

Thank you so much again.

PS: I’m a Very Happy Camper, and I cannot wait to test it on All my other devices, The Apple TV’s, NVIDIA SHIELDS & Many More…

Hello everyone. I’m new to the community and it seems I’m starting with Tablo on Roku at a very good time. This new function is great. I always liked it on Fibe TV; watching the news and checking what is playing on other channels and especially what is coming next. Now that I dropped Fibe TV, I’m ready to enjoy my new status of Cord Cutter!

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Bienvenue sur la communauté! :slight_smile:

Merci !

Have noticed the station identification flash on the hour and half hour. How does that work?

Awesome function! Best update so far.

For those of you that have noticed the jumpy behaviour that @snowcat mentioned, this will be addressed in the next channel update.

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Anyone else having a problem with buffering? I hadn’t watched any shows in a few weeks and now I get buffering every 10-30 seconds or so. This is affecting two different Rokus on the same network: An older Roku 3 and a new Roku Streaming Stick+. The Rokus are running software version 8.1.0, build 4155-50. The Tablo app is 2.7 Build 0. The Tablo is running 2.2.22.

The problem is limited to the Rokus. Watching recorded shows on my iPad has no buffering at all.

Any ideas are appreciated.

I get a ‘buffering’ glitch on the hour or half hour. Screen goes black, the spinning icon comes on then after a few seconds it goes back to the channel. Sometimes this happens a couple of times, Anyone else see this?

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. What is your Roku model number?

To find out you can go to SYSTEM > ABOUT > SYSTEM INFO (you can get there by pressing right on the D-pad again).