NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.7.0)


Model 4660RW – Roku Ultra


Weird… Is it connected via WiFi or Ethernet?

We haven’t seen this at all on any of our Rokus here in the office so it’s a bit of a head scratcher.


I am hard wire. t does not occur always, but frequently enough for me to complain. IT seems that it happens at the same time that it would put the channel that is being watched up (for a few seconds), but not 100% sure


Would it be happening when tuners are being spun up to start a recording?


Zippy, I am not changing any channel, so I don’t think so.


I would upload a video I took of it happening, but this input does not seem to accept .MP4 files Just photos :frowning:

Is there an alternate way to do it?


Are both your Roku and Tablo hard wired directly to your router? Or is there a switch in between?


Both hard wired and there is a switch.


We’ve seen switches throw monkey wrenches into things in the past. Is it possible to bypass?


No, my house has a large network. The interesting thing is that it does not always happen and when it does, it is at shortly (like 2 minutes) after the hour (primary) or half hour (secondary).