NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.7.0)

Happy Thursday Tablo fans!

Some of you have already noticed a new update to the Tablo Channel on Roku.

This includes a feature that many of you have been waiting for - an on-screen guide overlay for Live TV that we call ‘Quick Channel Select’. This feature also includes a ‘Last Channel’ option to make switching between two programs easy.

How It Works
To bring up the ‘Quick Channel Select’ overlay, just hit the UP or DOWN button on your Roku remote during playback of Live TV.

‘Last Channel’ will appear as an option once you have tuned to two different channels. To return to the previously viewed channel, simply call up the ‘Quick Channel Select’ overlay by hitting the UP or DOWN button, and then hit the LEFT button on your Roku remote’s D-PAD.

How To Get It
Your Roku will auto-update within the coming day or so, but you can force an update by going to your Roku’s home screen then navigating to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > SYSTEM UPDATE.

Here’s what you can expect:


Tablo Roku 2.7.0

  • Adds ‘Quick Channel Select’ feature to Live TV playback screens

NOTE - This build also increases the minimum supported Roku firmware to 8.0.0

NOTE - Quick Channel Select is NOT available on Roku devices running in SD mode, or very old Roku models which do not support hardware acceleration required for this feature.

We hope you enjoy this update!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

If your primary Tablo device isn’t Roku, don’t worry! This same feature is coming to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices soon!


Has anyone else just received the new Tablo Roku app update? Odd new feature, yet mine seems to be flawed. Something with change channels on Live TV w/o backing out to the Guide menu.

Cool, it’s finally been released.

For those of you that like LiveTv channel switching, this is the update you all have been waiting for. It allows you to see a mini guide while still watching the current channel, plus there is a quick way to switch back to the previous channel.

One great thing about the mini guide is that you can cycle through the top or bottom, unlike the main LiveTv screen. So going up from channel 2 will let you see what is on channel 58 (or whatever you biggest number is) and vice versa.

It will eventually be released for most platforms, but the Roku was first.


Is yours still a little glitchy? Mine rolls while trying to highlight the new channel.

No, mine is working well. I am just using the Roku remote, and each up or down arrow selects the previous/next channel.

Right now I have only the Tablo Beta app on my Roku. Do I need to delete it and add back the “standard” Tablo app to get the latest features or does the Beta version already have the latest features?

Thanks for the advice.

Beta has the latest features so they match now. But I like to keep both on my Rokus, and only use the beta when something new needs to be tested.


Very Nice !

Probably a great feature if you are a newer tablo user. But if you been using tablo for a long time you have already adopted a different live tv solution.

Will manual recording ever be implemented on Roku (in my lifetime or before ATSC 3.0) or will it always require two devices? One to schedule and one to watch.

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Unless you’re planning a trip to heaven a lot sooner than you’d probably like, we will definitely meet both of those goal dates for this feature.

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Wow! It’s not often I watch live TV or channel surf, but I just tried this new feature this morning, and I love it! This is a really great new feature to have… you guys rock!


I’m a lot older then you think since I remember when Truman was president.


The feature is fantastic, it works beautifully. Another (great) benefit is that you can scroll through channels on a continuous loop, when using this … so if you’re watching channel 81 & it’s the last channel on your guide, for example, you don’t have to scroll all the way back up to channel 5 (or anywhere near the first channel on your guide).


I like the concept but the guide info is incorrectly repeated for me for some channels. Also note the time differences for the same program listings.

CBC is playing on Channel 7-2 eh? Lol

Very peculiar. I’m going to send you a PM shortly so that we can connect and check it out.

We’ve managed to locate the source of the issue @Dewi noted above. This is the result of certain channels in the guide missing data. While the live TV screen will ‘cross-hatch’ or simply not fill these cells in the guide, the live TV overlay screen is handling this differently. We intend to address this in our next update.

If you have any channels missing guide data, contact our support team and we’ll get it added for you.

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Just tested on my roku stick it works great! Nice job.

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Just tried it on my Roku Express - works great - Thanks guys! Awesome new feature - I like it !

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Love it!! For one of those future in future sometime later updates – how about picture in picture? :slight_smile: