NEW - Tablo PREVIEW App Update (v. 1.7.2)

Happy Wednesday Folks -

Those of you who use Tablo PREVIEW on the NVIDIA SHIELD and have updated to Android TV 9.0 Pie (aka NVIDIA SHIELD experience 8) may have noticed a few navigation oddities crop up.

This small update corrects these issues.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo PREVIEW App Update (v. 1.7.2)

• Adds support for Android TV 9.0 (Pie)
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

As mentioned, it’s not a huge change (or any change at all for Fire TV folks) but those who use the app on Android TV devices will be able to get back to normal.

If you have any questions, let us know below or send a note to our support team.
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When will this start rolling out to devices?

It’s available now on Amazon Fire devices, but Google Play is being a bit slow… Hopefully they’ll publish the update shortly.

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What’s the trick to get it? I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, and all I get is the 1.7 with the navigation issues?!? Is there someplace to download it, as the playstore doesn’t seem to have the updated version.

Weird… Doesn’t seem like it’s fully propagated across all of Google Play. Should be there later this afternoon.

Yeah, the Engine is showing updated, and as of a few minutes ago the Preview hasn’t. C’mon Google… expire the CDN cache already. :smiley:

It’s there now!

Great job! Nice to have Preview back. Thanks to the team for getting this out so quickly.

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Yep, got it this morning! Navigation is working again – Thanks!

Update still not available yet for me.

After the update to 1.7.2 Tablo preview no longer resumes where left off for recorded programs which is one of the main DVR reasons for us. I have 1.7.2 it installed on NVidia Shield and 3 Fire TV devices and all expreience this problem. I also have Mi box for which I don’t allow updates and Preview 1.7 resumes fine. I thing a fix is in order. I should add that the standard Tablo app resumes recording properly but the standard app is SSLLOOWW.

I have 1.7.3.
Does your Tablo pickup where you last paused? Or does it pick up at the beginning, or does it pickup at the present time of the recording in progress?
It supposed to start at the point where you last paused the playback whether it is a recording or it is still recording.

I’m still on 1.7.1

No updated version showing yet.

In the past day, I’ve noticed that when I try to resume playback on a partially watched recording, it resumes from the beginning rather than starting from where it was paused, as it used to do. I’m using Tablo Preview app (1.7.2) on Fire TV stick. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes. See here:

Another post about your issue:

Ah - thanks! Does seem to be a bug from the update at least for FireTV devices, then.

I also encounter the issue on my NVIDIA Shield TV.

They are fixing it.

Recently the resume feature stopped working. I don’t know if it was after an update. I am using the Fire Stick and a Tablo 4 tuner.