NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.38

You haven’t been specific about what is not working with your firmware upgrade. For many users, this upgrade has been successful. (Disclaimer: I haven’t upgraded my Tablo yet)

Sounds to me like you need to contact Tablo support.
They can either resolve any problems with the firmware upgrade or roll you back to the previous firmware version.

Use the search… there are post to roll back your firmware - you you just search.

I I searched and got this I guess we have to deal with tablo

You have to send a request to Tablo Support to do that.


Smart move not upgrading. The last one one great this new one is no good.

After Firmware 2.2.38 is applied, my Samsung SmartTV TABLO App no longer functions. When I activate the app, it wants me to “Begin Setup”. When I try to do that, it states that “no channels are detected - try moving your antenna”. If I could back out 2.2.38 I would but there doesn’t seem to be a method to rollback the update. I’ve tried: rebooting the Tablo unit as well as removing and re-installing the Tablo Samsung app. All to no avail. It has rendered your device useless. So, to the Tablo support staff my questions are: Will the Samsung TV app be fixed at some point in the future to allow access to your device? Or, will you release a fix to 2.2.38 to allow us to utilize the app on the Samsung TV? If I am forced to purchase a Roku unit in order to utilize your device will Tablo pay for that?

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I had the opposite experience. After the update, I lost my hard drive. Right now I’m trying to get my Tablo to see my storage device. It no longer detects it.

In the past I have had an experience where my Tablo hard drive was not available after the firmware update, but power cycling fixed it.

Also wondering if the “post-upgrade database processes” that can happen after a firmware update somehow exposed an existing problem on the drive?

FYI only… not really an issue. This is with the Roku app on a TCL Roku TV.

After the update to my 4-tuner classic Tablo, I decided to run a rescan as long as I “was there.” Pressing the Rescan button had no effect. Re-pressing it had no effect. Hmmm…

I hit the Back button on the Roku remote, and the app whined at me that I hadn’t saved the rescan results. I chose to cancel the rescan and the Tablo apparently responded by rebooting: I lost connection temporarily, and when it came back up it didn’t have a storage drive for a few seconds.

After that reboot, rescan worked fine.

This new update has rendered my Tablo useless on my Roku. It plays a show but when I go back I have to go to home on the roku and back in to do anything else. The screen just goes blank. Do you guys even test your updates? This is the second time some weird bug started after one of your updates. Last time it wiped out all my recordings, and support said “oh you just see a bug that very few people have seen”, is this a rare bug too??

Lots of us are running the 2.2.38 firmware with no issues so maybe it IS something specific to your situation. Have you opened a ticket with @TabloSupport to see if they can provide some assistance?

It’s always rare, unusual, the data providers fault, something you’re doing wrong, weak antenna signal, strong antenna signal, etc., etc., etc.
As you will read here (courtesy of the defenders), “lots of us are running 2.2.38 with no issues”.
So I suppose that you need to just take your chances, right?? Not so fast! Either it works properly for ALL users or it’s problematic. Period.
The pass the buck, blame game is just that, a game.
A perfect example is the FACT that the same data provider is used by numerous other products (IE, cable provider’s devices) for their cover art and there are NO issues. Yet, when issues occur with the Tablo cover art (that we pay extra for), it’s the data providers fault, right??
It’s NOT the data providers fault!
It’s the implementation!
…and it’s not the end users fault when a new firmware update causes more harm than good!
It’s time to hire new people (or outsource to another company) that are capable of actually fixing a problem (make that problems) that’s existed (in some form or another) for close to a year now!
When do the excuses and the inappropriate defensiveness/blame games end??

I’m not a defender, I’m just stating fact. I’m not disagreeing others could be encountering issues, I’m just saying they appear to be isolated, or at least not widespread issues and actually suggested they contact Tablo to try to get more information and assistance to hopefully help get their issue(s) resolved. And I also never suggested it was an all or nothing situation.

I understand your frustration with the Tablo product, but don’t imply I said things I didn’t.

No need to be defensive :thinking:
I was just making a general statement.
I’m simply pointing out the facts and that it’s pointless to take your chances with this update, when it works for some and not for others!
Either it works for all or it’s (obviously) defective and whatever problems exist should be resolved.
Better yet, it shouldn’t have seen the light of day to begin with!
Perhaps it’s time to stop giving this company a pass and making excuses for their (obvious) failures. This update isn’t a “beta test”…or is it?

I’d contact their support. Most haven’t seen any problems (or at least, that’s what I believe).

Ideally, of course. But
*your antenna is different than mine
*your channels aren’t the same as the ones I’m receiving.
*Not everyone uses the same app/device to access their tablo.
*You likely don’t have to same drive connected to your tablo.
*Not every household has the same number of users accessing their tablo with multiple devices

Not one of the “defenders”, just being realistic - not all tablo user are created equal.

as noted, it’s not so “obvious” as you’d like to think… not to say it doesn’t exists - just obviously not for everyone.

You basically took my previous comment and used it in yours, you did call me out.

If your stance is updates to devices either “work for all or it’s (obviously) defective” and you don’t think there can be isolated situations where an update fails for very specific reasons that may actually be related to that specific device or the specific scenario, I’m sad to say you are living in a fantasy world.

That’s not how the technology world works. I’m not saying that in defense of Tablo specifically, I’m say that as a general statement of fact in the technology world. It’s not specific to Tablo. Ask Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Roku, etc.


I run the beta tests on my DVRs, and rarely are there any major issues with the beta tests. Once all the issues are fixed, they release to the “masses”. I am someone to loves to test out different things - I have several different brands of network DVR/tuning devices, and quite a few different streaming devices, helping to ensure that what is released to the masses works.

That being said, the broadcasters over the last 2-3 years have been a ROYAL PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE. What do I mean?

First, they never release information when they are running maintenance, on low power, or performing upgrades. They usually never respond to emails inquiring on these issues either - so we, the end user is in the dark regarding these issues.

Second, with the ATSC 3.0 “alpha testing” (it isn’t even ready for beta testing), they have created even more issues - on of them is my favorite channel being broadcast with meta data indicating it is 4:3 format, but it is actually 16:9, so it displays in a super narrow picture on the TV. The station repeated has stated it should be 4:3, and I can’t record or watch on any of my devices - I have to use the TV tuner, and change the picture manually to 16:9 for it to appear correctly.

I have been with Tablo for about 4-5 years (not sure exactly when I purchased the unit), and it is the best out there, with one exception - TiVO (which is considerably more expensive, and you have to use their $199 “mini” to view on a 2nd TV). The Amazon Recast and HDHomerun DVR is no where near as good as a DVR service.

At least to me it seemed that OTA broadcast issues all started with repack. Stations doing repack used the money for new towers and transmitters. Those not doing repack didn’t want to fall behind and also upgraded. All of upgrades require that nearby tarnsmission power be reduced when humans are in the towers.

I think the FCC changed some rules and allowed certain engineering that use to be required to be local to be off-local. Newer equipment allows it to be maintained remotely.

There also seemed to be a rush to add sub-channels. At least for my area it seems maintenance has slowed down. Except for 3 weeks in June when a station reduced it’s power by 40% all has been good.

But with the hdhomerun 4K I can see 2 RF fequencies practicing with sub-channels. When parameters are not completely filled in they would appear in the 5000 channel range.

After watching a recording, then trying to watch something else, Tablo app closes.

Using Roku on latest firmware.