Software bug with version 2.2.24


We started to get “weak signal” messages about three weeks ago, so recordings would fail. Yet, the TV would broadcast the channels just fine. I finally contacted customer support, and talked to Derek. After some research on his side, he sent me an email with detailed steps to take to see if it resolved the problem. The steps included a “bank rollover” and several steps to redo a channel scan. Here are the steps:

To perform a bank rollover:
1.Disconnect the power supply from your Tablo
2.Hold down the reset button
3.With the reset button held down re-connect the power supply
4.Let go of the reset button as soon as the Tablo’s LED starts to flash

Let me know if you are able to get your Tablo to boot up and show a solid LED.

Once the bank rollover and firmware update are complete, I recommend re-committing the channels you are having trouble with to your guide.

To re-commit the channels to your Tablo guide lineup:
1.Go to ‘Edit Channel Lineup’ in the Tablo app settings
2.Perform a new channel scan by pressing the ‘Rescan’ button
3.De-select the channels
4.Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button
5.Once the guide is done updating perform another channel scan
6.Select the channels to add them back to the guide
7.Press the ‘Add to Guide’ button

I completed all the steps, and it resolved the problem! YAY!

What’s interesting about this is our Tablo software was reset to version 2.2.22, from version 2.2.24, which is when, I now suspect, the channels would no longer record. In other words, I wonder if software update 2.2.24 is somehow causing a problem with some channels no longer being recording. Before this update, the channels in question recorded just, after the update, not so much!

Does this mean we cannot ever update Tablo from version 2.2.22?


Looks like there was some confusion here. The bank rollover instructions above reverted your Tablo to 2.2.22 - but did not address the signal issues. We were under the impression you were also having some connectivity issues, which is why we sent these instructions along. I apologize for the confusion.

The channel scan process is what resolved the issue - a few of your channels had their physical frequencies changed due to the OTA channel repack. You can learn a bit more about this process and the repack here.


Hi Tablo Support,

Should I then go ahead and reinstall update 2.2.24? I noticed also that after I completed the above steps, that my cell phone also connected to Tablo just fine, but not so much when 2.2.24 was installed.

We also use the Orbi home WiFi satellites–could they cause a problem? I mention this because maybe if it is a connectivity issue, perhaps there is an issue with the Orbi?

OK, thanks for the help! Please let me know about reinstalling 2.2.24; would like to try to install it today. We are 3 hours behind you all.


Although unlikely, your broadcasting TV may be contributing to your issues. Generally, most all televisions have receivers.


Looks like the solution that Derek provided to me is working just fine. We’ve been recording/watching channels that we were having problems with, without any problems! Reinstalling 2.2.24 is not causing any problems so far! Thanks for the tech help, glad it seemed to resolved our issue!