NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.30

tablo1 had been updated to 2.2.28 and now has the option for 2.2.28. Previous post question incremental updates, or update to most current -

tablo2, still on v2.2.26
hasn’t gotton the option to update to 2.2.30

Do I have to wait until the end of the day…

When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 12 hours to see if an update is available.

If you want to check ASAP, just hit the blue reset button once quickly. During the reboot process, your Tablo will do a version check and should display the update afterwards.

Thank you for investigating and addressing the commercial skip issue that I was having. Everything seems to be performing well. All of you at Tablo customer service are the best!

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It’s more like it’s almost 18hrs into “as of July 6 [available for all]” … will it really update from 2.2.26 > 2.2.30 ?

Maybe not.

But it’s not like over the last two weeks, you couldn’t have been pro-active and taken 5 minutes and upgraded to 2.2.28. Thus eliminating any potential double upgrade issues.

In my experience when there is any major issue going from an old prior firmware to the newest, Nuvyyo has things it up so that your unit upgrades in stages, from that Tablo’s installed firmware X to interim firmware Y (not necessarily the one immediately following X but the right incremental step in their coders’ views) and then to current firmware Z. I don’t think this needs to be worried about.

The only issue in an arcane way that I can think of might be that since you can “rollback” only to the last installed firmware, if you are on, say, 2.2.26 and the Tablo does choose to first install 2.2.28 before 2.2.30 (rather than jumping straight to 2.2.30 if the coders have determined that will work fine), any rollback would be to 2.2.28 rather than the long-experienced 2.2.26.

Someone must think it’s a problem since the double upgrade didn’t occur before the end of the 2.2.30 staged rollout.

And it’s a wasted of resources if tablo wastes any time working on it.

that’s subjective, unsubstantiated, completely unfounded :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

apparently it hadn’t ended, it’s just the beginning of the end, “day of the week”, isn’t the “time of day” when the rollout is complete… so if/when someone wants to upgrade, it can be a single rolled-up, upgrade.

It does say 2.2.30 is ready, but in the release notes, along with noting the versions, it goes to show the reversion of each as well:

Release 2.2.30rc2016711
Release notes for 2.2.30:

Release 2.2.28rc2005210
Release notes for 2.2.28:

It’s odd that’s all, when there’s just the one, it never tells you the reversion. I had seen in the backup DB is keeps a record of which versions and revisions had been installed - just say’n.

Tablo DVR Firmware Update Tips & Tricks

Tablo Support - David

Today at 15:30

Now reads…

When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 12 hours to see if an update is available.

Is this “new in 2.2.30” - • Other reliability and performance enhancements

Can @TabloSupport confirm which contradiction is correct.

It is 12 hours. Apologies for sharing the incorrect information previously.

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It’s good to know that after 54+ years tablo is using what was called patch level has morphed into the sanitized and politically correct name - Release Candidate.

Of course we would all love to know if tablo is using Agile software Development and building RC’s on every code checkin. Maybe some modified version of waterfall development.

But alas I have one of my tablo units have turned off. I need to turn it on, and perform my 5 minute upgrade. I wouldn’t want to get caught in the double upgrade trap.

there seem to be undertones of upgrade shaming

To upgrade, to skip an upgrade and go on to the next… If it’s working just great, the updates didn’t include any critical “improvements”

I get a snark, beyond that… with no constructive context :rescue_worker_helmet:

With the latest update, On my fire TV I am getting Unknown Error. Retry/Cancel. Retry keeps bringing me back to the same message. Cancel brings me to searching for Tablos, and asks me to comnect. I try, but then unknown error again.
Tablo Preview on the same Fire TV works perfectly. As well as Tablo on my computer.
Any ideas?

Same problem for me using the Fire TV Stick but only on Remote Connect. Rebooting the Fire Stick fixes the problem until Fire Stick goes to sleep. Then error message returns when trying to connect. I’m using the newest version Tablo not the Preview. Never had the problem until Tablo device update (2.2.30).

@DJPellegrino @Mike_Lewis If possible, send our support team a ticket - we should be able to collect logs to see what’s causing these errors, and we can investigate some next steps from there.

DingDongDangIt! I updated a tabo to 2.2.30 from 2.2.26 I used the android app (since it’s located off by it’s self) All was going great. Reboot - A connection to my tablo could not be established. Kind of made sense since it rebooted, I needed to “relaunch” the embedded web app

Welcome to Tablo

button [ Begin Setup ] > “Connect Antenna” [ Continue ] > “Your Location”

No beeping way! I go out to my PC and connect via real web app < whew > It’s all good to go!! Everything is in tack. Scheduling, recordings all guide data!

If a user may have followed through with the “set up”, well they would at least have to update their channel selection. Update guide data, probably just keep what it has, but I don’t know what else it may have wanted me to do.

For me, using the android app to run and update on a tablo didn’t quite go as well as it should have… but in the end worked out.

It appears that clearing the cache in the Fire TV device cleared up the issue. Maybe something for the Tablo Support team to consider in future updates…

Glad to hear you’re back up & running.

@TabloTV Well, this problem is still happening. Should I wait til the next time to open a ticket, or do your logs go back far enough to dive into

@DJPellegrino - Sorry to hear you’re still running into this. We’ve got logs from a few other folks as well so we shouldn’t need any new ones. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a fix into the next update but I don’t have an ETA to share right now.