NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.30

Hi there Tablo family!

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.

A new Tablo firmware update is coming your way. This is a maintenance release, but includes some bug fixes and overall improvements.

Like all Tablo firmware updates, this is being distributed in a staged rollout over the next few weeks. A small number of customers will receive the update today, with more added to the rollout every weekday. As of July 6th, the release is now available for all Tablo units.

When your DVR is eligible for the update, a notification will pop up within most Tablo apps and will look like this:

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.30

• Improved reliability for Tablo Connect in some cases
• Improved connectivity to web-based apps in some cases
• Fix to restore recording scheduling data when subscription status is regained
• Other reliability and performance enhancements

NOTE: Post-upgrade database processes (if needed) may take several minutes to complete. During this time the LED will be blinking. Do not power down the Tablo until the LED is solid again.

For tips and tricks on successful firmware updates head over to the Knowledge Base.

If you have any feedback or questions about this release, please post them below.

If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll be in touch soon.


Do updates need to be done sequentially? ie) will I be notified when 2.2.30 is available from 2.2.26? even if I’m already being notified about 2.2.28? at this point I ought to just roll it all at once.


So if you wait for the 2.2.30 notification, you’ll get the updates that were in .28 and .30 at the same time.

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Just went from 2.2.28 to 2.2.30. It was pretty entertaining. After the unit rebooted I was lucky enough to see that all my scheduled recordings were gone.

Wow! Discovered that my subscription wasn’t active. So I had to do a refresh to get some scheduling back. Now I just need to figure out if my record once scheduling is gone.

What a fix.

We’d like to take a look at your unit to see what caused this. Sent you a PM with details.

My Tablo is in another state (Oregon), and my primary home is in California, where I am now. I presume there is no way to do this kind of update remotely?

You can indeed process updates when you’re away from your Tablo. You’ll just need to wait for the update notification to pop up in your Tablo app.

My Tablo app is not connected to anything, including my box in Oregon. I don’t see any kind of a account login option, just a rescan my local LAN for a device. I don’t know how I’m going to get an update notification

If you don’t have access to that Tablo via Tablo Connect, then you will need to wait until you’re able to connect with that device again to process the update.

Is the update out for everyone yet? No love for my Tablo yet a week later.

Mine finally updated yesterday evening. I haven’t used it enough since then to say whether I notice any difference, though.

Anyone else having trouble with commercial skip not working on Apple TV since the update? Tried rebooting Table, restarting Apple TV, turning Commercial Skip off and on. Even though it’s ON and the show has the orange skip box checked, all the shows appear with the commercial in grey. This happened a long time ago and somehow I’d turned off Skip in the settings but that’s not the case now. Skip is working on the web browser.

I’m guessing this is a slow roll-out. Week and a half since announced and no joy yet here on my Quad.

Very slow roll-out.

Unless you have knowledge that some bug or issue affecting you is fixed in 2.2.30, is there really any hurry?

Maybe 2.2.30 roll-out is slow because it didn’t fix somethings and/or introduced other issues.

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Possibly. It does happen sometimes no matter how well you test something.

There’s a secondary toggle in the player itself. It sounds like you may have turned that off again.

Got my update this morning. No issues with the install here.

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Nothing here yet. Not like it’s a huge deal unless it’s fixing the occasional silliness in commercial skip.

There’s no commercial skip stuff in 2.2.30 but if you are seeing consistent ‘silliness’ with a specific show, let us know and we can take a closer look.