NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26


Got my update yesterday, in time to get my Friday night shows. The first show up was Jeopardy, and commercial skip was hit or miss. But watching Blacklist this morning, commercial skip really worked nicely. I have a few more shows to watch from last night, but I hope commercial skip works just as well. If the rest of my shows work just as well as Blacklist, I’ll be totally impressed. This is one of the most significant of the new features that has been added to Tablo’s functionality. Hopefully, it won’t cost too much when they start charging for it… Maybe even a lifetime option as we have for the give subscription.

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Still waiting to see the 2.2.26 drop.



Yes, I agree with you. My skip has been pretty hit a miss, but more hit than miss. But, on the misses It takes longer to backup and start over than it would have taken to just ff thru them.


I’m gonna try this one next time. :slight_smile:

This one doesn’t work for me, unless the Tablo is rebooted.


That’s why I would probably not use commercial skip on anything I don’t want to screw around with to view something I missed. If commercial skip messes up some of my Nacho Libre wrestling, I think I will survive without rewinding, etc.


So when you reboot does a new firmware notice just pop up when using

I wish Tablo would get the teams on the same page regarding a more consistent experience across platforms. For instance I just found a hidden Android feature last night regarding using an outside video player. It doesn’t show up in the Android app but it does show up when you use the browser in Android.


I think of Microsoft when you say this. They are a good example of how software updates can go horribly wrong.

Due to the extra cloud processing commercial skip requires I suspect this Tablo update had more potential than usual to caused Tablo some headaches. Definitely seems like a good choice to take their time.


Sometimes it would, other times there would be a notice at the bottom of the Settings page after a few minutes, which you can click to update.
However, I don’t usually update Tablo firmware via the web browser anymore.
I use a Roku… love that check for new firmware button. :slight_smile:


After I click Later… I can, when ever I want, upgrade. The screenshot in my previous post is always available at the bottom of the settings tab. I tried it twice, disconnect - connect, upgrade later, and have the option in settings - no reboot. tablo dual lite, maybe it just really wants me to upgrade :neutral_face:


You believe the browser, on your android device, to be hidden feature? Android chrome, me me, works better when I check use desktop site.

The android app appears to use the System WebView - it’s look and feel is the same as the web app.


No, the browser isn’t a hidden feature. I did a side by side comparison. I expected them to be identical because to the best of my knowledge WebView uses Chrome but I was surprised to find that I get extra options using the web app in Chrome on Android as compared to the official Android app. I’m calling the extra options a “hidden feature” but you can call them whatever you want. Give it a try and look under advanced features. I was even able to pull direct streaming URLS from the Chrome browser.

EDIT: Chrome browser on the PC has different “Advanced features” then both the Android app and the Chrome browser on Android.


Hit or miss on Blacklist… First episode from last night worked flawlessly. On the second episode, even though the commercial segments were marked, it didn’t always auto skip those segments and I had to manually FF through the commercials. It’s n nice when it works, but clearly, not ready for prime time and certainly not yet worth paying for.


I’ve found if I utilize the Roku remote jump back button to go rewind 10 seconds, the commercial skip for the next commercials segment won’t skip.


Sounds like some additional tweaking of their algorithm is needed.


Hence the fact it is a public beta.


I thought there was some misunderstanding somehow. I use chrome from my pc to access my tablo, which features are considered advanced?

I recall WebView being chrome, but since its “embedded” to customize an app, it identifies itself differently (UserAgent) so specific styles can be use for it. Else where we’ve seen the differences between firefox and chrome on the pc.


Watching MacGyver this morning from Friday night… Commercial skip worked on all but one commercial segment. One thing I’ve noticed so far, is that Tablo seems to have done a really good job identifying where the commercials are, which is the hard part. It just doesn’t automatically skip over all of them. I’m sure that’s just a relatively minor effort compared to commercial segment identification.


What playback device? If a Roku, then hit the down button while playing to turn on the auto skip.


Yes, I’m familiar with that. Auto skip is enabled, but it’s not skipping every commercial segment on some shows. Some shows work perfectly, but others don’t. Using a Roku 4.