NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26


We hear ya, Chris.

Things will speed up significantly starting Monday. We’ll be adding bigger batches of folks each day.


I was on the 2.2.25 beta…and just got my upgrade to 2.2.26 around 5:00 Eastern. I had checked earlier in the day without success, but thought I’d check one more time today, and I won a Golden Ticket!


Why reboot it? There is a button in the settings menu to check for updates?


I don’t see that anywhere in my settings. Where is it?


You guys really need to borrow the update behavior from say, Google’s Pixel phones. When a new OTA update is released by Google, a manual update check will allow someone to get the update immediately if they choose to do so.

I understand you need to roll things out in stages in case of issues, but aren’t the people who know about the firmware update and are willing to try it out your best cohort? They are basically begging to be free testers for you, they understand the risks of doing the update, and are probably active on this forum.

So how about release firmware and allow users who explicitly “check firmware” to get the latest, see how it goes, and then begin rolling out to random groups of MACs for users that don’t manually check? You get better test coverage and less frustrated users.

Seems win-win. Well, maybe you get less cookies this way.


I think they should explore this option. In order to not get too overwhelmed they could release a set number of slots in each stage. Each stage would happen over a set time frame. First come first serve for say the first X hours of each stage. After that time frame if all slots have not been used the rest go to a random lottery or whatever else they choose.

EDIT: Perhaps those who recently checked for an update manually gets their MAC address thrown into a priority pool that they choose from.


How does your method guarantee that tablo units that have reported problems get the release or that the various models get the appropriate distribution of updates.

Just because you have the time to hammer the software distribution all day doesn’t mean you should be prioritized above others. I usually defer update for a month or two but wanted to get it over with before the summer break.


That isn’t about fixing problems for certain Tablo users but those users could could hit the update button to be moved up the list for a new firmware if they think it would help. Usually when I have worked with other manufacturers they just bump them on the spot during a support request ticket if it might help anyway.

I don’t think there are usually enough people that would take all the spots anyway. Why not give the updates to those that have a strong interest first?

Doesn’t that prove my point? Usually you don’t care like most people. Usually you wouldn’t mind letting someone take your spot. This time you do care and you could have been prioritized. I’ve seen a few people that got the update but don’t care or don’t want to use it.


They’re going about it in the right way, in my opinion. This update carries with it a new feature that has implications on their server(s). Testing something in-house can (and often is) far different from putting it out “in the wild”. Releasing in controlled waves (cohorts?) allows them to look at all of the metrics.
Server impact, most notably.
I believe there was a beta invitation for this, right? I’m assuming those involved provided feedback and that issues, if any, were cleaned up. But releasing the way they are lets them get a handle on anything that may crop up early in the release.
I think trying to poll those who are interested in “getting it first” just adds a layer of administration to this that’s unnecessary and unwarranted. I’m always interested in new toys, but… it is what it is.

Not my circus. Not my monkeys. I just let them do their job. I have lots of other stuff to do :smiley:


Just because you have the time to hammer the software distribution all day doesn’t mean you should be prioritized above others.

Of course you should. Tablo would get way more benefit from engaged users that want to experience the update and provide feedback if necessary. From the software development side, that user is absolutely more useful in a roll-out than your uncle Bob who only updated because the app suggested it. This will probably catch issues faster than hoping the random MACs that are allowed to update a) actually apply the update and b) are the type of user that can identity and report a defect.

All I’m advocating is that they augment the random assignment with an opt-in behavior triggered by a manual update check. They can still set limits and distribution across devices as they see fit to control the roll-out. But filling those first cohorts with requesting users instead of random MACs is a better design all around. Stop this golden ticket nonsense.


You all sound like you want to be beta testers. That is exactly what they’re for. If a user is that engaged and that serious about providing feedback, beta it up.


Previous (not mine) post here about problems with the 2.2.26 update and Tablo Ripper. Recordings not showing up in TR. Was wondering if any of you who have the new update and TR experienced any issues?


The check for updates button does not exist in


Have the update, used TR since then, no issues.


The availability of the update didn’t show up in the web app here. I saw it on my Roku under Tablo -> Settings. When I saw it on the Roku, I refreshed the web app on my computer and it still wan’t there.


I’ve only seen the permanent firmware check button on Roku. And that is probably because having hidden buttons on Roku SDK is not easy/possible.

When the device gets the upgrade notice and the “Later” option is selected, on the WEB and Fire TV apps the hidden Check button appears.

A release that has passed all the various testing considered necessary for release should not need any additional testing and be generally available for distribution. But even huge companies with powerful servers control how much new software is distributed and to who.

You don’t want to toss all of it out to the world at once - that overwhelms support. Consumers as a whole tend to live in state where new releases and features cause a lot of customer support calls. Even when it’s working as spec’ed.


I don’t know if people consider Roku a big company, but all their OS releases are also staggered to customers.


When it’s available, the availability of the update does show in the web app

Prior to it’s availability there is no button to check for an update.


If the firmware update is really available, rebooting my Tablo usually gets the firmware update to display in the web page.


Similarly (if firmware is available), if you ‘disconnect’ - after you click connect you’ll be offered the option to “Update Tablo” without a complete reboot… or clicking setting and scrolling to the bottom.