NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26


OK this happened again (look at my previous post) and nowhere near an upcoming commercial skip. Can I reproduce it - not yet. The first time was either on Whose Line is it Anyway (which I deleted) or Jeopardy (also deleted). It most recently happened on Jeopardy (saved) but my first attempt to recreate the issue failed and I need to invest a lot of time to recreate, I may try again in the upcoming days. I think others may have seen similar behavior. Interestingly, after it happened as Jeopardy was wrapping up I rewound and the commercial skip was honored. How I watch Jeopardy: Start - skip until I see the categories. watch until the first break - skip until after the interviews, maybe skip after the Jeopardy round (maybe not???) then let it ride after double Jeopardy for final Jeopardy and here is where the commercial skip may not be honored.


I suppose they all went home for the night :slight_smile:
I’m still in heartbeat mode. Once they get the logs is there any reason to leave it in heartbeat? Or should I reboot it in the morning?
I know they pulled the logs


We were able to play with the Skip function a little before one of the worst electrical storms I have ever seen hit Wylie, TX. 5 to 8 inches of rain, the radar map painted yellow with lighting strikes and intermittent 60 mile winds. Even though I only get a reflected signal off an adjacent building, my shows were recorded. Some shows were sporadically pixillated but not enough to keep us from watching the recordings. Commercial Skip failed for these shows but I would expect that. Still Commercial Skip worked for part of the shows.

Before the storms, the Commercial Skip was mostly successful. Occasionally a scene from a commercial might flash across the screen or the screen would flash black for split second. A single commercial might play but most of these were previews for other tv shows.

On busy nights Commercial Skip would be delayed because all my tuners were busy. I cleaned up my recording schedule to delete shows from the schedule that we seldom watch and this freed up a tuner so the Skip processing started.

Before the storm, Commercial Skip was successful over 90% of the time. We were enjoying watching shows without touching the remote. We are looking forward to the clear weather.


I am I in the wrong post? The update’s broke the the Tablo-ripper program. My hard drive is almost full, and I was planning to “drain it off” soon to make more room. Now when I select my drive, it is empty. What happened to all of my recordings?


You might be better off posting a whole new thread in 3rd party apps. It’s very possible the new firmware might cause issues. There are a few changes I’m aware of but I don’t know how they will affect that program… I know some of the developers of third party software were already working on updates. I’m not sure how many have been able to complete those updates or test them.


for the update to be available on mine…


even sent over cookies.


I believe the Tablo will disable heartbeat mode during its nightly maintenance.
Is the Tablo LED still blinking the heartbeat flash?


Wore out the mouse on my computer from logging into my tablo. The anticipation is killing me. When will it come? I’m surprised there’s no cobwebs on that skeliton.


This one better?


or perhaps…



You guys that are waiting, have you rebooted? I’ve forced my Tablo to check by rebooting it before.


Nope. I went down to reboot it and it was out of heartbeat mode. First time I’ve done that so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


I had 10 back-to-back 1 hour Outer Limits episodes scheduled to record last night.

Five completed with success “Commercial Skip is ready”.
And five failed with “Commercial Skip detection failed”. The failed all appeared to have FF thumbnails.

When using the Roku app and in the Recodings/Recent menu: successful processing has a yellow check box. But the failed has no indication. So you don’t know if the recording failed or the commercial skip option was turned off.


I reboot it to check every day but no update available yet


I didn’t reboot. Checked in the morning and… nope… checked in the afternoon and there it was. Does not show up in the web app. It showed up in the Roku client


We just distributed another batch of golden tickets!


I got both of them. :slight_smile:


I have multiple tablos and was gifted an upgrade for my final unit. But I did have to use the Roku check for firmware update option on the settings page.

Hopefully there will be no more firmware releases until fall and I can turn some of these unit off for summer.


We usually aim for ~4 per year so you should be safe.


The waiting is so frustrating.