Tablo vs. TiVo Subscription (Branch from 2.2.26 thread)

Yeah, if it’s not free… as TiVo’s is… and if I can’t just pay one shot for lifetime since I have the lifetime guide… I’ll pass if it’s a recurring charge.


Do you mean free if you have a lifetime subscription? Because it’s not free per se, just their existing, higher monthly fee than Tablo already covers it. :grinning:

Their fee was high before they added that feature. :slight_smile:
But I hear ya. And TiVos are like… only good as bookends with a subscription.
Mine are now in a box in the basement.

One reason I like Tablos lifetime subscription is the fact it’s transferable from device to device. Tivo doesn’t allow that to the best of my knowledge.

Edit: OOPS! Thanks @MikePA

I think you meant “TIVO doesn’t allow that…” :slight_smile:

Actually, I seem to recall reading that they both do, at least some times. However, Tivo subscriptions are transferable when a Tivo unit is sold while a Tablo subscription is tied to the original account holder.

Thanks, fixed!

Actually Tablo will work with you if you want to sell your unit along with the subscription. There was a person who just couldn’t get his Tablo to work consistently and Tablo allowed him to sell both the unit and his lifetime subscription to a new owner.

I meant to say Tivo doesn’t allow transfer from device to device. They probably make exceptions under warranty conditions. I don’t know if it violates their TOS but yes I’ve seen Tivos sold with their subscription intact.

Tablo ties the subscription to the user and is transferable from one device to another. With that said someone did sell their Tablo and the subscription to another user in this forum. The fact Nuvyyo didn’t close the thread makes me believe they “gave written consent” or are simply willing to overlook it. Presumably the original user transferred their account details to the user they sold it to.

The Tablo subscription says “You may not transfer any interest under this agreement without the written consent of Nuvyyo.” It also say Nuvyyo may “terminate your subscription” if you sell your subscription or share it.


I missed your reply. That’s probably the incident to which I was referring so it appears they “gave consent”.

OTA Tivos don’t have any monthly fees…

Analysis shows the Tivo is cheaper than the equivalent Tablo.

You don’t need a subscription for an OTA Tivo?

1 year commitment - that’s heinous.

Ok, now you’re just wrong. My Bolts were OTA. There was still a subscription fee. The minis had no subscription fee, but they can’t do anything without a host

You mean this Tivo subscription fee.

Monthly subscription of $6.99/month.

The antenna-ready TiVo BOLT OTA offers live, recorded and streaming TV, plus so many more time-saving features. All for a low monthly subscription of $6.99/month, $69.99/yearly or an All-In service plan for $249.99

First I’ve heard of that. In fact when I was looking to buy an OTA TiVo it appeared to require a subscription to do anything. I think this might be a communication issue. TiVo markets their OTA devices as “not needing a subscription”. When they say that they are referring to no paid TV subscription. You still need a guide subscription. Many TiVos are being sold with a lifetime guide subscription. So no “extra” subscription is required.

Tablos actually don’t require a guide subscription or any other subscription but most choose to buy one because so many features require the guide subscription to work. Tablo offers a basic guide for free.

If you compare total cost of a Tablo with lifetime subscription and a hard drive to a OTA TiVo with a lifetime subscription the TiVo may win.

BUT, that only supplies TV to one television and you have to buy extra hardware to extend that to other TVs.

Purely on price. TiVo is cheaper for one screen but they quickly lose that advantage for multiple screens.

Multiple screens and I think Tablo is a clear winner on price.

You mean that might be why my Tivo with my all-in service plan is in my dead electronics room along with many other products.

1TB Bolt OTA with lifetime sub is just shy of $500

Tablo Quad with 1TB was $229 + $149 for lifetime. So just under $380.

As I said “may win”. When I considered TiVo they had a heck of a deal for a box with the lifetime subscription included. To be fair you quoted a deal bundled price as well but even if I add a nice 4TB drive like the one I bought it’s still pretty close. This really puts a dent in @adam1991 argument. Add those extra boxes TiVo uses for extra TVs and the price really climbs for TiVo.

I just did my own math. No crazy deals. Both from Amazon right now! I didn’t add taxes or antennas.
$440 Tablo 4 tuner + Lifetime + 4TB
$450 Tivo Bolt 4 tuner + Lifetime + 1TB
Each one has it’s own pros an cons so I won’t argue those.

Pricing seems to favor Tablo. Show us your numbers if you please.

As I recall, Roamio OTAs had no monthly fees, but Bolt OTAs do.

Yes, there was (is?) a Roamio with their “All in” plan included. The 1TB OTA model sold for $400, but I believe is discontinued.

TiVo makes a distinction between “subscription” and “service”. They say they have no subscription meaning you don’t pay to subscribe as you would to something like NetFlix or DirecTV Now or Hulu, but they call their guide a “service”. So you pay for a “service” to get the guide data. It’s a very muddy line. Their units are entirely useless without the guide “service” so it’s like buying a car and paying for the “service” of having an engine in it. When I bought into the TiVo ecosystem we didn’t have a lot of free cash so I opted for the annual guide “service”. For the Bolt that’s $70 a year and I have 2 Bolts. I’ve been in contact with TiVo and they will not let me just bump them to “All in” (lifetime). Talked to 3 different reps thinking maybe one of them might do it. They want me to buy a NEW Bolt and add the All in plan to it. So at $140 a year for guide data, I was better off cutting my losses and switching over to Tablo.

This will never happen. :zipper_mouth_face:

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