NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18


Try unplugging and plug back in. It should say update.


Mj[quote=“Neil0214, post:141, topic:14010”]
will be fast forwarding a recorded proogram when the new preview frames will go blank. I stop the fast forwarding and the future frames of the preview stay blank.

This loss of image in the preview frames seems different from the blank preview frames after the Roku 8.0 update.

After the Roku firmware update, I frequently experienced experienced blank preview frame while fast forwarding. After I upgraded to the Roku Ultras and I got rid of the Roku 2s, I did not have blank images on the preview frames until the 2.2.18 Tablo firmware update. Now the problem ls happening multiple times per night. Problem discription is in a previous comment in this topic. For me this started after the Tablo firmware update.

I guesstimate how much to fast forward.


Any improvements for chromecast?


For what it’s worth, I finally made the leap and upgraded my Tablo FW from 2.2.16 to 2.2.18.
The upgrade went very smoothly. Took all of 2-3 minutes.
For me, everything seems to be working fine. No issues.



HELP!!! Just installed 2.2.18 and says “must format hard drive and will erase EVERYTHING” we will loose 100s of recordings. Also can not play ANYTHING as it says “no hard drive mounted”. HOW DO I UNDO THIS FIRMWARE UPDATE??? HELP!!!


Contact support. This is a user to user forum. You’ll get help faster if you contact support directly.


Give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688), or send us a ticket here. If the Tablo has suggested formatting your drive, it’s likely due to damage on the drive - but if you don’t give the format permission (by specifically typing in ‘FORMAT’) none of your data will be touched.


Huge improvement in speed. Cut the buffer speed in half or even more… The guide loads much faster and the app connects much quicker. This really made me want to spend more tome using it again… Great job guys.


I don’t use that feature at all. On a daily basis I offload all recordings to my PC so I can edit out the commercials and save for later viewing.


I see the default options in in the recording options drop down menus. However, I want to change the default. How do I perform this?


Go to schedule go to the program you want to change and click the option.


There’s no global recording options default change, it’s per scheduled recording event.


B[quote=“Radojevic, post:142, topic:14010”]
Tablo knows about this blank preview thumbnail issue.
It’s caused by a Roku memory problem.
The preview thumbnails are actually all there, they just don’t display all the time.
You can verify this by exiting out of your recording playback, and resume back to the same spot.
The blank preview thumbnails will be correctly displayed.

Agreed but why is is happening for me after the 2.2.18 upgrade and why did it go away after I reverted to 2.2.16. . I get this on both wired and wifi connected boxes. I really like the new features in 2.2.18. And I am wondering if upgrading my network might resolve my viewing issues. I am watching tv fine on 2.2.16 but I don’t want to stay there. If this is just me I can open a ticket to find the problem but if it is wide spread, I’ll wait. I still like my Tablo and I am enjoying it.

Because I have the problem on 2.2.18 and it went away when reverted to 2.2.16, I do not think it can be explained as simply a Roku memory problem. Roku may have problem but something changed when I went to Tablo 2.2.18 to trigger the problem and then went away when I went back to 2.2.16.


Could be any one of a number of things. Just guessing at “for instance” examples, but the Newer Tablo Firmware could take up more memory space, so could the Roku, They could both be cognizant of different capabilities depending on the respective levels of firmware and then try to use different APIs so that they inadvertently strain memory.

A similar, but not related to this instance is the web browser client. If it can’t detect HTML5, it will fall back to the Flash player. So, you may see different error messages depending on what browser you use.


Um, I believe the Roku OS 8 FF/RW hang issue exists with Tablo firmware v2.2.16, and was fixed in v2.2.18.
Yes, you got rid of one problem, and now have a different problem.
Fast forward, and or rewind 5 - 7 times, and your system will hang for around 5 minutes.



I have a couple of questions:

I have a local network that broadcasts on two stations. One station broadcasts at 1080i the other at 720p. I have been keeping both stations in my channel lineup because I think the content is sometimes different, but for some reason my Tablo always seems to choose the 720p station for scheduled recordings. I just recently deleted the 720p station and checked to see how that would affect my upcoming (next two weeks) scheduled recordings. The channel option is set to ANY, but the Tablo didn’t automatically realize that the 720p channel is gone, thus there are no scheduled recordings. I’m sure as the Guide updates beyond the current next two weeks, the Tablo will function as expected, but for now (during these next two weeks) how is the Tablo going to handle those scheduled recordings? Are they just invisible in the schedule, but are actually queued to be recorded; or will the Tablo eventually update the currently scheduled recordings; or will they not be recorded? I realize I can go through the arduous task of going through each and every scheduled recording and change the channel option. But I’m lazy and I wanna know if it’s necessary, or if the Tablo will still record my programs, during current next two weeks.

Next question:

My Tablo is set not to record duplicates and for certain programs it’s set to Record All Episodes. If my Tablo fails to record an episode, will it automatically try to re-record that episode when it’s rebroadcast? There’s an entry in my recordings that indicates that the episode failed to record. So I’m wondering if that entry tells my Tablo that it needs to try again when it’s rebroadcast or if I need to delete that entry so my Tablo doesn’t think it’s going to record a duplicate. If it’s the latter, then the former would be a nice new feature in a future update.



If there is a “partial” recording on your Tablo for that show, then no. If you delete the episode cause it had poor signal for example, then I believe it should.


Did the episode not record at all due to weak signal?


Most recently, yes. It didn’t record due to a week signal, but there was an item in my recordings for that episode. So I’m wondering if I need to delete that item before the Tablo will try to re-record that episode, or if the Tablo knows that it failed and it will try again the next time it’s rebroadcast.

And in the past, I had a failed recording due to a conflict, but I don’t think there was an item in my list of recordings. I think I only knew about it because I saw the conflict on my iPad. But that was a while ago and I can’t be certain of the details.


Also why did you delete the channel? With the new .18 firmware you can select which channel you want to record a show from going forward. Why not just leave both channels and select the name of the 1080i channel?