NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18

Just downloaded .18. I was excited for the advanced recording options, but I didn’t realize that the “keep last X recordings” actually meant that you can only choose between 1, 3, and 5 episodes. @TabloTV why not let it actually be X recordings (user defined variable)…or at least have one or two options higher than 5!

I did the update and it didn’t ask me to reboot it did it by itself.

Still waiting on 2.2.18… Just checked and no update for my Tablo.

If only one could simple click a reboot button on the webui to acctually reboot the unit without having to pull the power plug. :thinking:

If the unit doesn’t even want to reboot by pressing a hardware switch on the back, what makes you think it’ll obey the webUI command to reboot? :wink:

Signed - that one guy without the 2.2.18 update. (@TabloTV)

Bardel, you aren’t alone. I’m still waiting as well!

Maybe the WEB reboot option will happen since it was requested in Sept. of 2014.

I thought they said that by Monday the roll-out would be completed?

Yes, Monday Feb 5.

Just back from some work travel and performed the upgrade.

Apple TV in bedroom fine. Enabled fast startup and there was an improvement. Hopefully mine will continue to perform,

@TabloSupport 2.18 is GOLDEN! Since I complained so much about freezes when FF or REW on Roku I thought I should report my (your) success. I have Roku sticks and 2 Premiere+ and I can FF or REW repeatedly with no freezing. 3 minute update today. including auto reboot. Nice! Got the Roku app update yesterday. Thank you very much. Really love the Tablo now!


Ugh. My bad. Thanks.

My Tablo 4 Tuner got updated today. Pushed the button and IT JUST WORKED! THANKS TABLO! It’s nice to have hardware/software designed by people who know how to roll out stuff. All my clients were already updated so they immediately showed the new recording features.


Got my update this morning. Minor glitches but nothing that matters. I like the new features. Adjusting the start/stop times seems to work well on the fly, even for shows already scheduled to record.

I like being able to have last nights news recoded and only last nights news. I still have not figured out how the option to keep older recorded shows functions. i set my options and let it clean up somethings on my hard drive.

The installation was quick and smooth. No issues with my Rokus, Ipad and Amazon Fie tablet.

Rebooted my router again tonight and both of my Amazon devices are now working, thank goodness!

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The ‘how it works’ is laid out in the blog post:

This is disconcerting. Is 5 the max # of episodes we can retain? That’s not gonna work for me…

It’s the max limit that you can specify. If you need more then that you could just keep it on All Episodes or Auto to let the overall Auto-Delete take care of it.

Given the one report of soft-bricking (not being able to use) on the Fire Stick once updated to 2.2.18, can anyone confirm being able to run 2.2.18 with a Fire Stick? Thanks!

Also, my two cents (one U.S., one Canadian): a limit of keep 5 old episodes seems unhelpful. Yes, it’s one-week’s run of a daily or a month-plus of a weekly, but there are 7-days-a-week shows and many want to keep one season’s worth, etc. Would be much better to allow user-specified, or a pull-down of 1-to-50, or simply a larger max if for some reason only a few options can be given. </2¢>

What is the load time on live tv viewing now?