NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18

If you work for a fortune 500 company and didn’t fully vet all released patches you probably would be out of a job. Or you are lucky… The only immediate updates are those on the U.S. - CERT lists.

Many of these companies have 50-200 different types of software spread across 100’s of servers. I can think of a few CTO’s and/or CIO’s that didn’t fully vet the patches and lost their jobs.

I can think of one who worked for a major international bank that ignored a small little used server used by a few users. When the CTO updated the major database servers it knocked this server down. It just so happened it was only used once a quarter by the CFO office to produce critical SEC reports.

This conversation is taking a turn, it started with wanting to skip the upgrade without being asked again, and has now morphed into cautiously vetting the update…

I don’t begrudge anyone wanting to hold off, as I did get bit by one quite some time back, but since I have been in the beta program @TabloTV’s update process has been far better.

The short answer is no, you will be nagged to upgrade (similar to many other OS’s with a pending update)

I am still on ios 10.3.3 on my iphone and will not upgrade to ios 11 for some time to come. I have several “favorite” apps that will not work at 64 bits. So… hopefully they will upgrade a some time.

Never been a problem for me except twice, but they were both beta and I knew the risk of running beta. Problems were fixed quickly.

I see your logic in waiting. You never know what issues might arise once its active in the field.

These new features are ones many have been asking for for a very long time. For many, its probably worth the risk this time if you’re on the fence.

apologies if there is a better place for this, but I thought it should be noted in the general discussion area

I just updated to the recently announced firmware 2.2.18, which provides way cool new advanced recording features, the list of which is well documented elsewhere. all I got to say is… well done @tablotv this is good stuff.

Oh yeah I did have a question probably addressed elsewhere that I missed. for shows marked live, does the new recording stop time override the legacy “extend live recordings” such that the latter will prevail if the former is not defined?

Yep - there’s a whole big thread just for 2.2.18… I’m going to move this there shortly:

But thanks for the kind words.

Yes. If you choose to stop the recording 5 minutes late, it succeeds the extension. We covered that in the blog post here:

Still waiting on my unit to get the update. :frowning:

I’d like to see all the new features everyone else is using.

Me too. Getting tired of checking every day all day. Is it known what time of day it rolls when your turn comes? If there are no known problems with it by now, why not release to the rest of us? We still can’t FF (on Roku) without fear of lock ups. The new features are just gravy…

We generally add new (and random) batches of Tablos to the rollout in the early afternoon ET. Your Tablo will check for an update every 4 hours, but you can force it to check by rebooting your Tablo.

I started checking daily lol and just this afternoon it found .18. keep at it the lottery will land on you soon too lol

sorry for the confusion re the new thread… it is well done and folks on the fence should really consider this…

Apparently my black cat is keeping the firmware release away from me. :wink:

Snowcat 2.0

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I have to reboot to check? Can’t just click on check for updates? Anyway thanks for the explanation at leasy I know not to get excited first AM every day…

Clicking on check for updates, only forces the client to check the Tablo for anything new.

The Tablo will check the Tablo Servers every 4 hours or during reboot.

For example, you are watching the Tablo through a Roku. While you are binging Judge Judy, the Tablo calls home and finds an update available.

Your show will not be interrupted, you will not know an update is available, until. you either disconnect and reconnect the client or you click the check for updates button.

Same here, never an issue with updates (going on 3 years). Every one has been an improvement. So then why do some people have soooo many issues?

mine is working great. I just checked for updates (roku app) and voila the magic happened. my opinion again but I’m still saying well done @tablotv

Thanks for the explanation. To be clear, if the app is closed and I open it and it is aware of an update, it will tell me even if I do not click on check for updates?


Cool. That is convenient. Thanks

Just updated to .18 and neither of my Amazon Fire Sticks will connect now. The update appeared to finish properly as I was prompted to reboot the Tablo when the update was complete.

Looks like they both see the Tablo device, but when I try to connect, I get the rotating circle and “Connecting…” message then it goes away and I get the error message, “A connection to your Tablo cannot be established. Please check your internet connection.”

Update - I uninstalled and reinstalled the Tablo app on my Amazon FireTV. When I launched the app after reinstall, it saw my Tablo, but when I try to connect I get the same message stated in my previous sentence.