NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18

They’re sending out this release in stages.
At every stage you have a random chance of getting it.
Usually takes up to 1 week from their announcement for everyone to receive the update.

Release 2.2.16 works just fine for me.

Since 2.2.18 doesn’t have any features I’m interest in, is there a list for those who just want to skip this release and wait to see if the next release has anything interesting in it?

Aren’t there a bunch of performance improvements too? Faster sync times, faster Live TV start up times?

Yes, that is the main reason I want this release. Along with being able to select the channel to record on for duplicate stations in the new record options. :slight_smile:

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I use Roku. For a long time Roku sync’s have been asynchronous. And I don’t digitally horde my recordings, they are deleted as soon as then are watched. Thus that menu section is usually fairly empty and fast to sync.

And if you have owned a tablo for 3 years or more, you never depended on it for Live TV. Channel switching was way to slow. Thus almost everyone had directly connected antenna for fast channel switching. Why would anyone with that solution give it up for tablo Live TV.

So how are the 2.2.18 speed improvement of a help in my configuration?

I’m really excited by the advanced recording features, but I’m concerned about the default ‘Auto’ setting for the number of shows I wish to keep. My screen says, “Choose ‘Auto’ to use the Auto-Delete Recordings setting.” What is auto-delete and why is it the default? I read the FAQ’s and there is no clear explanation describing how the Tablo decides which shows to automatically delete. I don’t want my shows automatically deleted…I want to decide which shows I wish to delete. You should err on the side of caution and not set "Auto’ as the default. You should set “All” as the default and let the user decide if they want to change it. And you need to explain exactly how Auto-Delete behaves.

Sorry Peter - I’ll add this to the blog post.

The auto delete feature was added several years ago and is enabled by default. You can however choose to turn it off, but you will need to keep a closer eye on how much storage your Tablo has remaining if you don’t.

With this feature turned on, if your Tablo’s storage gets close to being full it will automatically delete the oldest watched recordings that are NOT protected, in order to leave enough room for upcoming recordings.

More details here:

I think your only option would be to not install it when the splash screen pops up. How will 2.2.18 hurt your configuration?

tablo use to have a feature that once you deferred an update you were never asked again. Instead a hidden update button appeared on the settings page.

So it was easy to wait before update. That feature was removed. Now if you disconnect from the tablo unit every time you connect you are greeted with the upgrade screen. And if you have multiple tablo units you need to disconnect to move between units.

If I’m happy with the release I have why do I have to upgrade? Do you think that every time Windows pushes out a patch corporate America rushes to install it immediately - no. Ever wonder why?

How often do you disconnect your tablo? I think it’s working fine as it is, you shouldn’t be getting spammed with update request as it is.

I have more than one Tablo, and have to disconnect to connect to the other.

Each person in your household who accesses tablo from their own device would get the update message 5+ times a day.

Unless there is some undocumented trick mode you can’t move between table units without performing a disconnect. If you just exit, you connect to the same tablo unit that specific device was using and whatever menu the last person who exited whatever tablo they were using was in.

Any ETA to receive? Do you send over weekend too or does it require a person?

We’ve offered the firmware to more people every day this week and estimate over 80% of Tablo units will have been offered access by Friday afternoon.

We’ll distribute it to the remaining 20% on Monday.

So, Monday, got it, we’ll all be receiving it on Monday. :wink:

It’s all random, so it would be statistically impossible for you to always be in the last cohort unless you own a black cat, have shattered a mirror, and were born on Friday the 13th :wink:

Yes, yes, and yes.
Oh crap.


At my particular company in corporate America, “I don’t want to update” isn’t a good enough reason to delay. But you do you…

Waiting/skipping a firmware update it a prudent thing to do. How many times has Tablo released a firmware update that has caused all kinds of problems? Answer: Virtually every firmware update.

As for me, I am going to wait a couple months before loading 2.2.18 (even though I really, really want to use the new features). Once burned is once learned!

Actually, it has never been a problem for me, and I have been around since the beginning. I think it is pretty silly to ignore a Tablo firmware upgrade, especially one as important as this one.

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