NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18


Was there a particular reason firmware v2.2.18 wasn’t released as a Beta?


It’s the same as the last release of 2.2.17. Odd numbers are betas, even are release versions.


How do i update the firmware on the tablo? I don’t see the option under settings.


It’s a phased rollout. When your unit comes up, the upgrade option will show up. You just might have to wait a couple days.


Good to hear. Please don’t forget us Xbox One users! :confused:


That and remote access with Roku would be perfect.

This is a fantastic update though. Very nice to see Tablo doing well and expanding. I feel good about getting the lifetime subscription.


Has anyone tested the 2.2.18 with the Kodi app?
I am surprised more people don’t use Kodi with Tablo, it screams and is reliable.

@TabloTV Please advise if Kodi is still a platform Tablo wished to continue or not.
I see no mention of Kodi app compatibility mentions 2.2.10. version 1.01 is dated Jun 6, 2017.

New features would be nice but I am afraid to break a flawless rock solid setup.
Please advise if Kodi is still a platform Tablo wished to continue or not.


So, you’re saying the ‘secret sauce’ contained in v2.2.18 was turned on in v2.2.17?




2.2.17 was beta release and the final build of it became 2.2.18 when it became the official release.

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The new updates are awesome, thank you so much! I love the increased speed, the new recording options, and the fact that all the station call letters are correct for the channel numbers. The only thing that would make me love my tablo more is if, once you’re on a channel that you’re watching, you could change the channels by using up-and-down functions on the remotes as opposed to having to go out of the program to choose another one.


Any plans for the ability to selectively delete episodes? Perhaps a check-box style deletion when accessed from a laptop/smartphone.


My 2-tuner updated to firmware 2.2.18 yesterday and I love the improvements. It also looks like I can move anywhere in a currently recording show and the lockup that I had in 2.2.16 is not occurring. That was my big complaint and it looks like you fixed it. I an now trying to update my 4-tuner Tablo but the option has not shown up yet. Tablo seems to be updating by random units and not by users, so I guess maybe next week my other unit will offer the update. Thanks to Tablo for the improvements!


I haven’t got my .18 yet, BUT do have .17. Not supposed to be any difference. .17 was the last beta.


Have 1.4.1 on the Galaxy Tab A now. When trying to end casting, app crashes and restarts. Also as before, no change in the issue where casting fails when trying to watch a 2nd recording. Have to exit app, load and select second recording. DVR still 2.2.16


Love the new update… Thanks… Keep up the good work… Also, is it possible to have a limitless scroller when going thru channels using the remote to speed up a bit? I have firestick tv and I have 32 channels total. So using the remote to scan thru the end channel, I have to scroll back all the way just to get to 1st channel when instead if limitless, I could just scroll all the way and start to the first channel again when it reaches the end…


Still haven’t gotten update to v2.2.18. My reasons for asking if there was any difference from v.17 to v.18 is that for the past three days I’ve used iOS v1.4.1 to edit recording options offered by both firmware and app updates and NOTHING sticks. Specifying # of recordings has a warning that recordings over selected amount will result in recordings being deleted. NOT. Selecting specific channel for recordings doesn’t stick either. As soon as the app is closed (after Saving Settings) and reopened selections have changed to default.


FINALLY! Auto Adjust start and end times and Keep X Recordings.


This is something we’re looking closer at now. Tx for the feedback.


I want this release.
I still have 2.2.16. Is there anyway for me to force the upgrade to my 4 tuner unit?
When I “check for new update” on Roku TV it tells me I have the latest version.
The other devices don’t even have a button to check for update. Frustrating.