NEW - Tablo Firmware Release - 2.2.18




Just don’t click the options buttons and it looks / acts the same as before.


If the options appear, it’s noise.


Informal. extraneous, irrelevant, or meaningless facts, information, statistics, etc.


If you don’t change them, they do not.


If you modify any of them, they show up, if you dont touch them the only extra “noise” you get is a new options button…


You just agreed with me.

If I have no use for any of these new “features” and any visual artifacts appear then it’s meaningless facts or information.


Not sure what I agreed to, I was trying to show you that if you don’t make any changes, you don’t get any additional noise, that’s all.

In my pictures above, the first two I have set special options, so the additional data is there, in the bottom one, Secrets of the dead, I have no special options set so the screen looks 99% the same with the only difference being the additional options button…

I really don’t see how they could have implemented it in any way that would have appeased more people. Don’t like the features, don’t click options and none of the noise appears.


Yay! Finally This is the release I’ve been waiting for. I’ve wanted record last X episodes for years. Thanks!


Same here - releasing “keep last X episodes” is awesome. Thank you!


Hooorraaay for the recording channel selector!!!


Thanks. Just when I was getting ready to leave Tablo, you guys go and drop this firmware AND app updates. Snark alert.


The recording enhancements are great. They will help housekeeping.

My high priority enhancement now is to permit paring from a remote location (network). The list of reasons should be obvious and long.


Good thought. I had forgotten about that since we use Plex for most of our actual playback but a credentials based remote access solution in conjunction with feature parity between the apps would probably take care of most people’s practical wants/needs. Everything else would really be gravy.


Sounds cool. How about the Tablo app for XBOX ONE?


seems to be a major improvement in speed from what I can see


Somebody(s) please let us know when you get the update and how it goes…thanks


This is huge. I’ve been waiting on the “keep X episodes” since I first got my Tablo Quad almost 4 years ago. I’ve test-driven Plex DVR on a couple of occasions over the past year…but with these options having been added to Tablo, I don’t see myself doing so again. Many thanks!


Nice job guys and gals of Tablo. Can’t wait to see what is next…

Maybe comskip integration?


Just completed the update, took about 3 minutes. So far so good, love the new features like the preferred channel selection. Failed to get the Roku to hang with lots of FF, hopefully that issue is behind us.

Noticed that the channel scan is a bit different, indicates 13 channels found during the scan but then displays the complete list of 30 channels I receive. Opened a ticket, hopefully its just me!

Thank you to the Tablo team and all the beta testers, been looking forward to these features for along time.


The latest 2.2.18 has to be recalled!:rage:

Once update finishes, my Tablo DVR (SPVR2-01-NA) stays solid blue with no response at all.
Event I plug Ethernet cable, my router can’t see its IP address.

My Tablo is totally bricked!