NEW - Tablo App for Amazon Fire TV Update (1.3.4)

Outstanding!! Eager to put the 4K back on line with Tablo! Looking forward for the update.

Any update on this? I purchased the new Fire TV 4K a few weeks back to replace a broken gen 2 Fire TV stick, not knowing of the issues it has with Tablo. Trying to decide if I should keep this and try to wait it out a little longer, or try and return and cut my losses. I like the Fire TV though and want at least one of these devices in my home. I have Roku’s and Apple TV’s elsewhere in my home and all works fine, only issue is with new 4K Fire TV.

Not yet… We’re checking for an update just about every single day.

The latest firmware still appears to be NS6212/927 which went live on January 26.

Any chance this update is rolling out soon? So tired of trying to watch my recorded shows with this constant stuttering, it is hard on some kinds of content! Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re checking every day for the firmware update. No dice yet :frowning:

Thank you for the reply, hopefully soon!

We’ll definitely let everyone know as soon as we see something!

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I had sent a Tweet to Amazon asking when the next firmware update would be for the Fire TV 4K.
They said “I’m sorry, we’re unable to provide any insight into future availability. Please keep an eye on our website for an update. ^LL”. Didn’t realize firmware updates were so clandestine.

The folks at Amazon play everything pretty close to the vest.

But to be fair, it’s difficult even for us as a non-public company to say anything more than ‘soon’ because there are so many dependencies that can affect rollout dates for new firmware.

I’m looking at purchasing the Tablo to go along with my Fire TV. Has this issue been resolved yet?

Sorry Joey - we’re still waiting and checking every day…

No firmware update from Amazon since late January so hopefully a new one is coming soon!

Okay! Could this be the time! Cord Cutters News is now advertising that Amazon is currently updating Fire TV, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire Smart TV’s with a new OS update. Could this be the one we are waiting for to resolve the issues with Tablo and the 3rd Gen Firestick??

Unfortunately, no. has more details here:

Which includes:

The Fire TV 3 is likely not receiving this update at this time because it is the only model that runs Fire OS 6, as opposed to Fire OS 5, so it’s on a different software track than other Fire TV models.

Shucks! Didn’t realize the Fire Stick 3rd Gen had a different OS than its predecessors.

For those who’ve been following the Amazon Fire TV 4K dongle, you know we’ve been checking for a firmware update EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since Amazon told us (back in February) that their next update would have a fix for the stuttering issue that is seen only on this version of their player.

So we were all pretty excited when we saw an update was available! (Fire OS (N6213/1196)

That excitement was quickly dashed though as the problem persists. :frowning:

We do know EXACTLY what the issue is, and it is a difference in how the 4K dongle decodes the very specific type of video stream Tablo sends. It’s unclear why Amazon is using a different type of decoder for this device vs. their other products.

We have let Amazon know that we’re still waiting on a fix and will keep you posted.

Thanks so much for your patience everyone!

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I also take it the new Tablo Preview update wont fix it?

Unfortunately no… :frowning: It’s an issue on the Amazon side with how they process the video we deliver.

The video segments are the same coming via the Preview app and the original Tablo app.

Beyond happy I tossed aside the Fire TV dongle for a Roku. It plays the Tablo flawlessly. :smiley:

Just found this thread after noticing that my new 4K Fire TV stutters with Tablo only. My question is why does my sling app, netflix app, and app play flawless, but Tablo doesn’t? Does this have to do with the type of encoding that Tablo uses compared to all other apps?

Tablo is working an issue with me as for some reason one of our local broadcast stations (ABC) doesn’t play nice with Tablo. Since Tablo doesn’t have the capability to turn on/off dual language feeds, we are having problems with any nationally broadcast sporting events on ABC/ESPN, such as NBA games, Indy Car Racing, etc. No issues in receiving the signal, however, once the network shifts to the play-by-play announcers, the language of choice is Spanish and there is no way to change it. However, anytime they shift from the play-by-play announcers to commercials or half-time events, the language is back to English. Tablo feels this is a local broadcast issue since that is the only local channel with these issues and, of course, the local broadcast station says it is a Tablo issue. Yet, this is the same network channel that for a great portion of the day their audio is running behind the video. And during the afternoon, for some reason the audio starts about 5 seconds later from the video during local commercials. Yes, we have a resolution for the ABC channel and sporting events. I have a splitter installed on the OTA line. One feed goes to the TV coaxial plug for the tuner and the second feed goes to Tablo. And yes, when I bypass Tablo and go direct to the TV with the signal, no issues with the language or audio. Figure that out!!