NEW - Tablo Add-On for KODI

Hi everyone!

As promised, now that 2.2.10 is out the door, the cavalcade of announcements has begun today with the launch of our Add-On for Kodi media player software.

If you’re already running Kodi on some of your devices, or if you have a ‘generic’ Android box that doesn’t support our native Android TV app, this Add-On is for you.

The look and feel of the Add-On is very similar to our existing Roku channel:

If you’ve read this far and are wondering ‘what’s Kodi?’ or want more details, check out the Tablo blog:

Links to the official repository for users of Kodi Jarvis and to a zip file for users of earlier versions (including Isengard) can be found with the rest of our apps at

If you have any feedback, let us know below!

If you’d like to tinker with the Add-On and you’re not already a member of our developer program, drop us a note at

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I’m not currently a Kodi user, but unlike the PLEX channel is this Add-on “Officially supported”?

Yes it is! It was developed by a 3rd party, but we’ll be working with him to keep things working smoothly.


Amazing - thanks! Can this be installed directly from Kodi?


If you’re running Kodi Jarvis, yes!


If you’re running Isengard or a later version, you’ll need to add it via the ZIP file.

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Does it support Tablo Connect?

It does not… It uses the same API as Roku and Tablo Connect is not supported there unfortunately.

Oh well.

I’ve encountered a bug though. The Live TV guide isn’t loading. Recordings, Guide, and Scheduled load fine though.

@japzone - Sorry to hear that. Can you please tell us what device and Kodi version you’re using?

Kodi 16.1 Git: 20160424-c327c53
Windows 8.1 Laptop, Intel i7 4720HQ, Nvidia Geforce GTX 860m, 16GB RAM

This is a fresh install of Kodi. Webapp works in Chrome.

@japzone - Tx for the details. Investigating now.

Q - Did you install via the repository or via the ZIP file?

Got it running on Kodi with latest Retropie. Very nice!

Running the Tablo Kodi app on my Apple TV 4…is there a way to stop the Apple TV screensaver kicking in every 5-10 minutes or so? Other than that seems to run well, can pause and skip forward.

Figured out a work-around…in Apple Screensaver settings set the setting for running the screensaver while music playing to “OFF”.

@TabloTV - The Repository.

Any chance the Plex channel will follow suit?

Plex will remain 3rd party but I believe that @crichardso is going to take up the flag on that one.

Yes sorry i am going to start working on a rewrite once my vacation and travel for work slows down mid july … I have looked at the code and believe it wont take long once i get a clear moment. Would do it on the plane rides but kinda hard to test over gogo lol


No worries @crichardso! All your effort (whenever you find time) will be appreciated, I’m sure :smiley:

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Works on a Raspberry Pi B+ !

Does “Slider Cuing” work for anyone else?

Seems to be the only function that doesn’t work for me.

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I’m getting a Raspberry Pi to fool around with and intend to put Kodi on it. What OS do you use and did you get a specific Kodi package to install? Thanks.

Oh BTW can Kodi on a Raspberry be used with a cellphone as a remote?