NEW - Tablo Add-On for KODI

Yes. Just grab one of the numerous XBMC/Kodi remote apps you can find in the iOS/Android app stores. I personally like Yatse on my Android phone.

Awesome! thanks for bringing up the Pi. Caused me to start looking around and find RasPlex.

(My wife will probably not be thanking you) :laughing:

I know this is totally unrelated, but I just got so excited lol

Edit: Plex has an official Raspberry Pi build (you will have to be a PlexPass member)

I like small gadgets that I can put in my back pocket that cost so little. And can be used for development and experimentation.

I am loving the new TABLO add on for KODI Thank You, Thank You !!! now i can just stay on KODI 24/7 only thing you cant watch shows while they are being recorded same problem as it was for the KODI channel on Plex watching with KODI and the time is off by one hour for example today show is at 7am to 9am on the KODI it shows it 6am to 8am and every where else(computer,roku,iPad,iPhone) it shows the right time ??

How do you get kodi to run on your Apple TV 4?

Side loaded it. If you google it you’ll find all the details, it’s pretty easy.

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A day latter and I am still giddy about the announcement. I have come to really enjoy Kodi over the last few months since I got my Nexus Player.

So far everything works great on the Kodi add-on except no Tablo Connect.

The only other thing is on my Fire TV running Kodi 16.1, the FF button does not utilize the FF preview thumbnails. I have to use the R button on the directional pad to get the preview thumbnails.

But unlike the Roku, you have the option of having Tablo Connect by using the Android app. You just need to install install it, and let it pair prior to bringing the NP on the road.

Lol that’s not the point :stuck_out_tongue: Yes most devices that run Kodi have a native Tablo app.

Okay, so where are the steps to install Kodi on Tablo?

I have the app installed and can see nothing about Kodi, addons, apps…

I’ve barely started using Tablo and am getting more and more frustrated

What device are you using?

I have the Tablo box and have connected a Roku 2 to one TV, I installed Tablo but can find nothing about Kodi

I just figured out the issue.

It’s not that Tablo gives you access to Kodi but Kodi gives you access to Tablo.

Therefore on top of spending around $350 for the box and the antenna, I still need to buy Kodi boxes.

As they are so much cheaper, I’m leaning closer to returning Tablo and I haven’t had it for 24 hours

I’m confused, why are you wanting to use Kodi when you have the Tablo app for Roku? You don’t need to buy another box…

Save your money, you don’t need Kodi. I use the Roku programme 95% of the time, and the new version is pretty slick.

What channels do you use to get movies and TV shoes?

I used to use the Roku solely for access to Netflix but cancelled my account.


With Tablo, I have access to maybe 13 channels (about half are en français). That’s not a lot compared to what Kodi offers.

The only thing I’v missed, since putting my TV subscription with Bell on hold, is local news. Paying $350 to sometimes get the channel is not worth it

I use the Tablo and the Netflix. My internet speeds are very poor so I mostly use the Tablo.

Worth mentioning: If using Android TV box, you will first need to add the Tablo app through the play store and set it up. Otherwise, Kodi won’t be able to find your Tablo to connect. Also, for the Kodi add on, I found it @ settings>add-on>install from repository>Kodi add-on repository>Video add-on>Tablo.