NEW - Join Our Firmware & App Beta Team!


Hey Tablo Fans!

As we mentioned in our most recent customer newsletters, our engineering teams are hard at work some super cool new features and options for your Tablo DVR. (No, we can’t tell you exactly what just yet…)

A critical part of bringing new features to Tablo is the beta testing process. While all firmware and app updates go through quality assurance and internal alpha testing, the ‘real world’ testing that our beta team does is indispensable.

In order to ensure our beta team includes a cross-section of active Tablo users, watching content on a wide variety of devices, we are currently seeking to add new members to the beta team.

Tablo beta team responsibilities and expectations include:

  • Install and use beta firmware and apps when they become available
  • Provide timely and specific feedback to us via the private Tablo Beta Community forum
  • Accept the inherent risks associated with testing new software

A few key details about this initiative:

  • It is mandatory to have an active Community Forum login (user name) to participate in the beta program as this is our primary method of gathering feedback
  • Participants DO NOT require an active Tablo subscription
  • All users hoping to participate in future device-specific app betas must also be signed up as a Tablo firmware beta tester
  • Most app beta testing requires the use of accompanying Tablo beta firmware
  • The current form only allows one Tablo to be registered. If you would like to use more than one Tablo in beta testing, please PM (@TabloSupport) directly.

If you'd like to be a part of Tablo FIRMWARE testing, please fill out the form here:
Once you've filled this form out, we will provide access to the beta section of the forum where you can sign up for device specific app betas.

If you have any questions about the the beta process, please let us know. We hope you’ll join us!

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Will you provide me with the hardware that is going to get the beta firmware?

I’ve only got one device. Although I would like to see what is coming, I’m not willing to risk missing recordings to do so. I would be willing to run 2 devices beside each other (using the beta one and only falling back to the non-beta if something goes wrong).

You will probably get enough volunteers that you don’t need me anyway.

I’m still looking forward to seeing what new features you have in-mind.


I so hope I get in… :slight_smile: :tongue:


Sorry, we can’t provide any hardware freebies for software testing :slight_smile:


I didn’t actually expect you would. I’m glad you have the program.


I’m on board! Look forward to helping out with testing!


@TabloTV I’m confused. I am hoping to sign up, how will I know if I’m accepted? Didn’t see anything in my email.


There won’t be any emails yet. In a week or so you’ll see you’ve been added to the secret beta portion of the forum. Stay tuned!


Gotcha… no problem either way.

Besides, if it was sekrit, then Fight Club rules…


Hi folks -

If you’ve signed up and you can’t see the beta section, you may not have provided your forum user name correctly (or at all).

If you CAN see the beta section, watch for a welcome message shortly :slight_smile:


hi gave wrong forum how do I fix thx


Drop one of us a PM with your email address and we’ll get this fixed up.


Hey got a 4k fire TV just bought. Ready for firmware updates. My app has crashed and 5.1 sound fix don’t work with it. Also a issue where video and sound don’t match up.