NEW - Introducing the new 4th generation Tablo device & app experience!

If you haven’t yet, can you try rebooting your router, and then the Fire TV, and then the Tablo? If that doesn’t do the trick, drop a note to support and we’ll take a closer look:

It has nothing to do with external antennas. There is a built in amp in the 4th gen Tablos that can be turned on or off.

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It appears to have self-resolved over night. :woman_shrugging:t3:

$64,000 question: what happened to the “SCIR” icon?

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Still in my main bookmarks bar:


That version was probably hosted on the original Tablo website.

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Lol! I do remember that. :slight_smile:

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You earned it!

Maybe we should spend more time talking about which apps are missing what features. What bugs exist. and when app and firmware updates are expected.

Why did a 1 hour show recording get broken into 4 recordings. Some of the recordings are only a minute long.

This is sometimes a result of reception issues. If the reception is bad enough it will cause the recording to fail and then re-start which results in multiple recordings for the same episode.


I had this happen once and used Tablo Ripper to copy all the fragments to my computer and used DaVinci Resolve to append them all together and export the show to my NAS. There were still a few glitches where the reception was not bad enough to restart the recording, just picture breakup. The wife said we could keep the Tablo. ;^)

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And they wonder why we pirate. If a recording fails it’s 1000x times easier to just grab an upload.

…if the lines at the 2 open chech-out lines are waay too long its just so much less hassle to just walk out the door.
Yea, as long as we can self-justify things…


The 4th gen doesn’t work with Tablo Ripper


I don’t plan on replacing my TV connected Tablo until ATSC 3.0 is implemented.

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Good intel!


If you try to use an android tablet for setup it fails at the detecting WiFi. But some android phones only support 2.4 WiFi and not 5. So there appears to be no way to change the WiFi SSID.

On Roku the Live Grid is sorted by OTA virtual channel numbers followed by streamers. But the Live meu is filitered by channels in a useless alphabetical list. And sometimes the last channel(WPT) may or may not appear in the list actually on the screen - it’s programing does appear.

On android you can signout but on Roku I can find no signout option leaving one to wonder if you are still signed in.

On android I’m still looking for the Shows/Movies/Sports tabs.

The Roku app does tend to freeze and the Roku buttons, including home, freeze.

No plans here to replace my original 4 tuner Tablo until an ATSC 3.0 version is available. I’m hoping that the FCC will bar the implementation of DRM to make it easier on everyone, or that Tablo will come out with a 4 tuner ATSC 3.0 networked DVR. Being able to watch it on only one TV is an issue for me, with 3 TVs in the house. I could continue to use my existing Tablo for the other TVs, but that only works until ATSC 1 broadcasts are shut down.

In my area, PBS and Fox are not yet broadcasting in ATSC 3.0, and of the remaining networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and The CW, only ABC has chosen to implement DRM, so far…

That would be great, but that may be many years down the road. The first announced attempt was a 2-tuner, HDMI version that can only work with that TV for ATSC 3.0 content (though it may support additional devices for ATSC 1.0 content like the current HDMI Tablo).

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Other products will probably be happy to fill that market space. An A3SA gateway might be too complex for tablo.