NEW - Introducing the new 4th generation Tablo device & app experience!

We have some exciting news, Tablo Folks!

Over the last year or so, we’ve been hard at work developing a new network-connected Tablo device as well as re-inventing the Tablo app experience.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the new 4th Generation Tablo!

We’re so excited to share the details with you, along with our new brand, logo and website – so be sure to head over to our blog to get more details.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them below.


Morning! The rebranding and 4th gen offerings look really slick. Simplified, modernized, subscription included, and looking good. All the best with it, @TabloTV !


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@TabloEngineering does it still support the same API that the various third party tools like ota2go rely upon? Thx!


A brand new redesigned model with unknown brand of tuner and CPU, and no ATSC 3.0 support. dead man walking.


Oh, I don’t know – seems to me its appeal would be quite wide - maybe to the average TV watcher, not the propeller-head types that are more likely to participate in forums and care about APIs and such. The price point is pretty nice too :+1:


The new Tablo should do well.

  1. No subscription fee. You still get the two weeks of data like a normal subscription, but at no cost.
  2. Low cost. Only $99.95 for the two tuner
  3. Built in 128 GB hard drive, and you can add an external one if you plan on recording a lot. But for most people, just add an antenna and you are good to go.

The Tablo captures native MPEG2, so that should help in recording quality. If using the built in hard drive, it will convert to MPEG4 after a while to help save space.


No need, it comes with one. If that indoor one works for you, great.

It depends on which package you get. Best Buy just has the Tablo, while has packages with and without an antenna.

Does the new 4th Gen Tablo support out-of-home viewing like the network legacy Tablos?

I actually have a dual 128 and with h.264 and 720p you get around 56 hours not 70.

And 2 saturday college foorball games is around 9 hours:

It takes approximately twice the length of the airing to complete the archiving process.

NOTE - To allow the archiving process sufficient time to function, it is not possible to record more than 8 hours of content within a 24-hour time frame without an external hard drive.

No. That is one drawback to the free subscription. However, it appears they will support being able to set up recordings remotely at some point.

What will be an interesting challenge to all of us legacy users will be deciding to stay on the legacy firmware or going to the new one (later this year).

If you move to the new one, it will really benefit those with no subscription or yearly subscriptions, as there will be no more subscription fees. You also will get access to 40+ free internet channels (which you can record as well).

But if you need remote access or commercial skip, then you will need to stay on the legacy firmware. The big question will be whether the legacy firmware will get regular updates or not.

Tv connected Tablos will get to move to the new apps in 2024.


The end of remote streaming (for those devices that support that) could be a factor for many (talking about new firmware).

Just noticed the blog post that includes “not available in Canada” (due to licensing restrictions of the included free streaming channels it said) – a bit of a sting for us Canadians that got on board at the beginning to help this Canadian pioneer.

Ah well, all good things must come to an end. I don’t feel particularly confident about the likelihood of legacy updates carrying on for long. On to the next!


Hard to see the upside in considering an upgrade from my current 4 channel tuner, other than maybe fast channel switching. The subscription doesn’t bother me at all; I prefer the existing functionality.

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If your current firmware is working properly why do you need firmware updates?

Of course if they screw up the legacy apps who knows what it will take to fix it.

It works, yup, and I don’t need to take updates, agree.

The new 4th Generation Tablo looks interesting. But I do have some opinions & comments on it…

  • The new styling, while attractive, does nothing for me. I don’t need another “pretty” in my house.
  • I question how well the new indoor antenna will work compared to an outdoor antenna.
  • For my Tablo habits, 2 tuners is a no-go. I’ve got an original 4-tuner model and frequently am using all of them.
  • Having built-in storage is nice and the ability to add additional storage is a plus.
  • Having a no subscription requirements is great. I bought the life-time subscription years ago so that will be a wash for me.

One thing I don’t see addressed is… “Can I still watch my recordings without internet access?”
Through the years I’ve had my home internet go down and viewing my recordings via Roku was impossible. And when the ‘’ servers have gone down, I cannot watch my recordings on my laptop. While this has not happened very often, it’s still very frustrating when it has happened.

I’m glad to see the new & continuing development for the Tablo.
As long as my original 4-turner doesn’t become obsolete anytime soon, I’m a happy camper.

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Your point on ability to use Tablo w/o Internet access is VERY interesting. We rely on it during storms (hello IDalia! ) when the internet goes out to continue to get TV from locals. If that ceases, I’m out.


I think the use cases for more than 8 hours of content within a 24-hour time frame will be minimal. Yes, I know there are a few of you that are trying to be the Internet Archive (and respect to you) of OTA TV but for the “typical” user I don’t see this being an issue.

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