NEW - Introducing the new 4th generation Tablo device & app experience!

I recently setup new 4th gen Tablo TV over weekend on my iPhone/IPad. It is really nice! I coming from Legacy Table Dual Lite (no subscription). A lot of change on new app. Easy navigate and make quick choice to watch.
Anyway, I have one issue i understand app is new. I can’t use my own Closed Caption / subtitle style from IOS Accessibility like old legacy table app allow caption to be override. reason why I’m low vision i need to choose font style and large size what work best for my vision. I’m sure other user with vision would feel the same. Can future update will apply this?

I can’t wait new release app for Apple TV!


Just bought a rooftop antenna AND bought and installed the new Tablo 4th Generation. So far, I love it. But, I was wondering if there is an AppleTV app for it? I did see an older “Legacy” AppleTV app in the Apple’s AppleTV App Store and it seemed to be pretty good, it knew me, my channels, my library, but if I chose to play something, I just got a blank screen. Not sure if I’m too new, doing something wrong, or the “Legacy” app just doesn’t play well with the new Tablo4? I have an iPad and can do “screen mirroring” to get to see the Tablo4 recordings on my TV, but having a real AppleTV app would be great! Thanks for any pointers or clarifications.

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The Tablo folks have said they are working on it, but it isn’t ready yet.

You can’t use legacy apps on the new Tablos either.

I can only guess. There are classes of legacy devices: network and hdmi. network saved/worked in h.264 codec. hdmi was mpeg2. Thus the gen 4 is more like an hdmi model. But with gen 4 there are statements about when using flash archiving/compressing recordings a few hours after recording. And statements about storings fast channels.

Does apple TV support mpeg2?

Only tablo knows the real future.

Sounds very hopeful. Thanks for the quick reply.

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I just purchased a Tablo 4.0. I got home and was excited to set it up only to find it doesn’t work in Canada… why not remove streaming channels for Canadians if thats the issue with licensing but the unit itself should work… I am super disappointed.

Why is this the only model on the web site?
I had asked via email about the legacy models (shown as sold out) and was told that they are still being sold.

If they are still being sold, shouldn’t they show up on the web site with the Gen 4 model ?

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While I don’t argue it looks like primarily refurb units are actually available to purchase, I AM seeing them on the website…

Yes, you can find them but not easily, but my point was home page (and product page) just show the Gen 4 model.
Just seems very strange.

If they ever get NextGen and Quad tuner in Gen 4, probably won’t need the others.
I’ll get one when they get there…

While I don’t disagree they aren’t at the top of the store page, if you just scroll down they are all on the same store home page as well…

Don’t seem unusual to me for a company to have the new product they just launched at the top of the page.

OK, I see the discrepancy here.
You are looking at, and I am looking at
Nothing at all on TabloTV.Com.

Seems like a marketing flaw to me to not let you know about the us-store page.
When someone hears about Tablo, they will go to to check it out.

At the very bottom of the home page and under Shop&Learn is Store

Hey Tablo if you have a need for someone to beta test the app for Apple TV, send it my way I’ll test for you.

Wow, don’t really want anyone to find it, do they ?
Have always seen product list how to buy at top of page.

Fair point from a marketing perspective.

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Will legacy tablo’s get the new EPG with channel logos as opposed to just text on the EPG?

Not sure if it will work but try an American postal code. If you’re in the GTA try a Niagara one closed to Canada like 14144.

Or can you return it? So disappointing to be geo-dissed :frowning:

I have the legacy dual 64 and quad. I was thinking about getting one for my parents at best buy but if it doesn’t work in Canada its no good. There has to be a way we just need to find out how it determines the location.