NEW Firmware Release (2.2.2) - It's here!

First a note to start…

Thanks everyone for your patience as we’ve worked on finalizing this release. As many of you know, the 2.2.2 release is changing Tablo’s underlying operating system to something newer, better and more flexible and we’re very excited to say that it’s finally ready!

Please note - we’ll be doing a staged rollout of this and all releases moving forward. This means that you may not receive the new update on the very first day but you will receive it within about a week of each availability announcement. (And before you ask, the assignment is random so we can’t tell you specifically when… :slight_smile: )

Now on to the good stuff…

This release contains:
Support for disks larger than 2 TB
You can now use any size disk with your Tablo as long as it is USB2 supported. If you are planning to change drives please note the following:

  • Do a soft reboot (press & release the reset button quickly) then when the LED goes solid, you can now remove the old drive
  • Connect the new drive
  • This will cause the Tablo to prompt you to format the new drive
  • The recordings from your old drive will still be visible within your apps but will be unplayable
  • You can choose to delete these recordings via the app for clarity
  • You will not be able to transfer recordings from your old drive to the new one

Support for background Smart Sync
The sync process has now been pushed into the background for most apps which means you get instant access to recordings and other Tablo app functions while new guide data populates.

Improved speed for FFW preview generation
Your previews should appear sooner after a recording has been completed. Note that a recording must still be completed and a tuner must be available for FFW previews to be created.

Improved Tablo Connect auto reprogramming after power outage events
Tablo will now work harder to reprogram your Tablo Connect settings after power outage events which means more solid out-of-home streaming connections.

Introduces functionality needed for new Roku app update
An update to the Roku preview channel is coming soon which will add additional browsing screens. Stay tuned!

A few more bits & pieces including

  • Improvements to display of SD channels
  • Improvements to handling of broadcast stream changes which will reduce failed recordings
  • Other performance and reliability improvements

For tips and tricks on successful firmware updates head over to the Knowledge Base.

If you have any feedback or questions about this release, please post them below. If you need support assistance, place a ticket and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks everyone!


Hurray We really enjoy our Tablo and tend to use the Preview of the new release. We will be glad to get the New firmware release. Thanks for all your hard work and great product.

Not seeing the update, via the page, when connected. Normal, perhaps to wait a few hours and try again?

@bluloo it will be a phased rollout per another thread

It is a staged rollout


Do those of us that had the beta and have 2.2.3 need to upgrade?

@beastman was saying that the Tablo should support 60 FPS shows with this release. Is that still true (or was it ever true)?

Yes! Small thing for some but big thing for others…

If the broadcast is available in 60 frames per second, and you set your Tablo at 1080 recording quality, Tablo will now record at 60 FPS vs. downsampling to 30 FPS as it used to. This should make the sports fans in the bunch especially happy.

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Nope. You guys already have the latest & greatest load so you won’t receive a prompt to update.

I can’t wait to try that out on NFL games. :smiley:

Another question: do all Tablo clients support 60 FPS (specifically the Roku)?


When I update, will this require re-pairing my iphones, again? As was necessary after the Iphone App update. And if so, will I be able to NOT install the update until a convenient time? I’ve noticed in earlier OS updates that when I went to use Tablo on my Roku I was forced to update, at least I think I was.

720p sports look great with the new firmware (well, at least the football I recorded) - and while a little off topic to this post - I’m seeing a playback issue with 720p/60fps recordings with the Fire TV app - lots of frame drops. Looks great on Roku though.

You are never forced to update, though when the new firmware is available, it will ask you every time.

Cue Monty Python:
NOBODY expects the Tablo Firmware Update - ummm - Spanish Inquisition!
Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…

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  • So, just to confirm, there is no way (supported by Tablo or otherwise) to transfer recordings to a new Tablo drive (not talking about archiving off Tablo)?
  • Do scheduled recordings / series survive when you delete the visible unplayable recordings via the app? Or is it like running initial setup and starting from scratch?
  • 5TB drive arrives Wednesday…

Add this to the roadmap @TabloTV , I think this is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Especially if you are running out of space and want to put a bigger drive in place.

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The big trouble that I see is trying to migrate from a 512 byte sector drive to a 4K sector drive. It isn’t hard to clone a small drive to a large drive if they have the same sector size, but I haven’t found a cloning program that handles the different sector size issue.

I seem to see tools include an alignment tool to fix the sectors after the clone. Am I wrong here?

There is no official way to transfer recordings. If you want to save them, you could download them using the various utilities that folks have created.

And your schedules will survive unless you do a factory reset.