Smart Sync for Tablo

FW version 2.2.2 says that the Tablo now has Smart Sync:

What exactly is this supposed to do? Is this for the guide only, or for all features? I just opened my Android phone app for Tablo after not using it for a couple of months, and I must have waited close to 5 minutes before all my recordings were synced. There’s no setting for enabling it, so maybe I just don’t understand.

About every 2 weeks Tablo needs to do a total resync. Smart Sync means that syncing will happen in the background if you access it during that time frame. If you don’t access your Tablo at all on that device during those two weeks, you’ll still have to do a full sync.

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Even within those two weeks, it will sync in the background letting you use the app, however the new recordings will not show up until the sync is completed.

This feature does not mean the Tablo app syncs when you are not using it and have not opened it.

Okay, just waited too long then…