NEW Firmware Release - 2.1.30

Hi everyone! 

Firmware 2.1.30 has just been pushed. 

This is a maintenance release which includes the following updates:
  • Performance improvements for new Roku channel Live Preview 
  • Resolution for issue where new Roku channel occasionally was unable to find Tablo 
  • Resolution for issue where inaccurate "weak signal" message was displayed
Please let us know what you think of the speed improvements on Roku. If you were experiencing either the 'Tablo not found' or 'weak signal' errors this should now be resolved. 

If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!


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Since you guys went final on the .29 beta, I figured I’d repost this here. I will hold off upgrading to the .30 official just in case you want to look more into this.

Very interesting bug, details are below:

Tablo firmware: 2.1.29 beta
Roku 3 Model 4200, firmware v6.2 build 3332
Roku Preview channel, v2.0 build 4

Gotham season finale was scheduled to record from 8 to 9 PM tonight on CTV (Channel 9-1 CFTO). I started watching the episode at 8:40 PM (so 40 minutes into the show) - I started playback from the Recordings tab. I watched the next 38 minutes of the recording and I noticed the length of the recording kept increasing beyond the normal 65 minutes length for an hour show so I exited out of the playback at 9:18 PM. I quit the Roku Preview channel. The Tablo kept recording the show until 9:30 PM. The final length of the episode recorded is now 90 minutes.

So it recorded the first 30 minutes of the next show Forever. This does not seem like normal behaviour, the recording should have stopped at 9:05 PM no? That would be 65 minutes.

You have my Tablo MAC address, feel free to check the logs.

@theuser86 - We’ve seen the Tablo go long a few times in other cases but it hasn’t been consistent or tied to any particular load. It’s likely due to oddities w/ guide data. Keep an eye on it and we’ll do so on our end as well.

Doesn’t look like this upgrade will do anything for FireTV,  is there any compelling reasons to upgrade the firmware for FireTV users ?


The guide for Forever showed it started at 9 PM though so it doesn’t seem like a guide data problem.

I’ve experienced all three of these problems.  Can’t wait to get home tonight to see how much faster things are now!

I submitted a ‘ticket’ yesterday because of these issues, so hopefully this will resolve it.

When can we expect to see the firmware available, or do I need to do something to make it show up? in settings?

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@simonots Details here:

More details… Apparently season finales also get the ‘live’ treatment where they get extended.

I have two tablo’s and I have updated their firmware presumably to this just released version.

I can now connect to them via my roku without any trouble but I can’t detect them with either the android app or I am having the same problem with both of them.

Any ideas?

I’m new to Tablo, recently converted from (thank god! People who complain about Tablo have no idea how bad it can be, that product was a full on disaster, especially the gen 2 box). Anyway, my experience has been great, one week in. Except (isn’t there always one little thing :slight_smile: ), both the first firmware update and this one have caused my Tablo to hang, shows “Downloading 0%” and just gets stuck. I suppose everyone is downloading, and if the server doesn’t respond, the Tablo doesn’t restart the download until you reset? Kinda frustrating, since I’m away from home and now can’t access the Tablo at all. I wish there was a way to cancel a firmware update, or to reboot remotely.

@silence - Yes, hit & release the reset button quickly. That should fix the firmware download so it can upgrade properly.

Glad to hear things on this side of the fence are going well.

@TabloTV They’re going great. Not a single missed recording in the first week. That probably doesn’t sound like much to some, but on the other side of the fence, failed recordings were the norm! I think you have a great product going, and getting these firmware updates out so quickly only makes it better!

@silence - We keep a pretty keen eye on what’s going on over there so you’re not telling me anything new. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re happy though. That’s our goal!

Do I need to upgrade the roku also? Or just the tablo firmware?

Just the tablo for this update.

This latest update (2.1.30) has really increased the Live TV grid loading in Chrome (haven’t had a chance to test on FireTV or Roku yet). Even my Celeron (Atom) powered Chromebook loads very fast now - much faster than prior releases.

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I’ve upgraded to 2.1.30 and I just got the unable to connect when trying to watch a recorded show. Switched back to the original roku app and it works like a champ