New firmware causing lots of Tablo drops from network


What are the instructions??


These steps will revert you back to your old firmware.

  • Remove the power from the Tablo
  • Hold down the blue reset button
  • Add the power back onto the Tablo - DO NOT let go of the reset button
  • Continue to hold down the blue reset button until the Tablo’s blue LED begins to flash
  • When the LED starts flashing, let go of the reset button


Well, I can remove the HDD as my issue. I swapped it out with a smaller 1TB HDD I had used on it previously…and the issue continues. The issue did not manifest itself today…until it started recording 2 shows simultaneously…then it seems to have completely gone haywire. Looking at my recordings, those shows that were recording simultaneously as others are broken up into several files of 5-8 minutes each. Those that recorded by themselves (not at the same time as another show) recorded just fine.

So, for me, anyways…it doesn’t seem to be so much as a “network dropout” issue so much as it’s a recurring Tablo-reset issue that is breaking-up recordings and dropping the Tablo from the network.


Thank you!

I thought I was going to have to throw my Tablo in the trash, completely unwatchable, but after I rolled my Tablo back to 2.2.16, everything is back to normal.


I got my Tablo just before the super bowl. It offered the 2218 upgrade? Then. I thought, cool the newest firmware. Must be good. It worked pretty well fore about an hour. The it seemed to reboot every 10 to 15 minutes. I noticed it was pretty warm to the touch. I put a small fan next to it an have it blowing across the unit right to left. Seems to help. Put I do still get random reboots. I unfortunately know the reboot led sequence alln too well. I hope they fix this soon.


Same issue here after update. Wired connection. Roku and iPhone stop connecting until Tablo power cycle. What does resetting the Roku have to do with fixing a Tablo network issue, Is the Roku app attacking the Tablo? :wink:

I have reset my wired switch, Roku and Tablo this time. If it locks up again I will try the firmware revert.


Hey folks - just chiming in here:

We’re still investigating this now, but we haven’t identified any new issues that would cause this behaviour (so far). We’re still pursuing this.

However, in the meantime, if you’re having problems, send our support team a ticket. Networks have a lot of moving parts, and often times different setups will require different solutions, and are just the result of a LAN connectivity issue, rather than a bug. We can help get you up and running - and at the same time help our investigation.


I am having the same connectivity issue as described above since I applied the new firmware upgrade. It WAS working fine and since I applied the firmware upgrade none of my devices and connect. The only way I can fix it is by unplugging the Tablo and Router and then firing up the Tablo while pressing the reset button on the back of the Tablo. Even then I have to try to connect with my computer a few times until is “re-syncs” then it works for a few hours and drops again.


I have the exact same issue with my Tablo and Roku app ever since the 2.2.18 firmware push. Right after the upgrade it worked fine but when I went to the Tablo app last night on my Roku I get a screen that says a Tablo cannot be found. The screen also displays an ad to buy a new a new Tablo. Tablo support says they are looking into the issue, but can’t find an what’s wrong. Every tip they have given so far implies the issue is with your home network setup even though multiple people are reporting the same issue. To me the issue is with the Tablo or the App. Tablo, please post the steps on how to roll back to 2.2.16 without losing my current configurations.


Same thing happened to me.
The Tablo affected was connected to our network via WiFi.
I fixed it like this:


Hey all, same issue as described above since going to the new firmware. For me, it definitely seems to be with the Roku only. If I watch a recording on my tablet, it plays back without a single interruption. Watching the exact same recording on my Roku results in constant “loading” screens.

I reached out to support, and the rep told me to lower my recording quality and turn off fast live TV startup, then closed the ticket on me without verifying that it was resolved. Quite frankly I’m a little irritated at the complete lack of effort to troubleshoot.

@TabloSupport I’ve replied to the support case asking for more info, and I’m more than happy to pass along any data that might help track down the issue. Let me know if there’s anything I can provide to help get this resolved.


Some people asked again after I mentioned it earlier. Below is the official steps from TABLO support on how to revert the firmware on your TABLO to the previous version.

NOTE: My issue is still there and has not been resolved. I hope Tablo still has this as open and are trying to figure out what is going on. In the meantime I am trying to explain to my father (who has Dimentia) not to upgrade the Tablo each time he wants to watch TV, LOL, cause it keeps asking him. facepalm LOL


Same Issues as most of the above people, reverting back to.16 and everything is fine now
Wired AC network Apple TV 4

I hope that when .18 gets tweeked because I really like the capabilities it brought to the recording features


Hey folks - If you are experiencing this issue and use Roku as one of your primary viewing devices, please drop a DM via the forum to @TabloSupport

We have created a special version of the Tablo Roku Channel that offers the same features as the current Roku Channel, but with additional event logging capabilities. @TabloSupport will provide instructions on how you can add this alternate Tablo channel to your Roku.

We’re hopeful that the data we collect via the logging on this channel may help us get to the bottom of why a small subset of you are experiencing these issues.


Cool about the special tablo roku channel with more logging.

I don’t think i’m having any of the mentioned issues with my tablo but would probably be glad to try the more-logging channel if that could help diagnose the problem for folks who see it.

TTFN, woo hoo!


I have experienced similar issues since the update. I am on Tablo Dual and Roku. I’ll drop a DM


I am too, and DID NOT during the beta. @TabloTV and @TabloSupport what changed from last beta and released besides version? Could it be due to different weather and channel reception being bad? Usually raining when I have problems.


Anybody heard anything since installing the beta Roku channel? @TabloTV @TabloSupport, any chance you might be able to share a follow-up on what’s been found?


This network issue cleared up for me after reverting to 16 firmware and then back to 18. Just a side note, why is the paid service so much slower than the free service? Major optimizations could be gained on loading the guide and recorded programs.


I’ve tried (twice) going back to 16 and then back to 18 and each time I get the same issues.