NEW - FireTV/Android Devices & Web Update (v. 1.1.7)

Hey all -

We’ve just published some updates for our Fire TV app, Android-based apps, and the Tablo web app at We’ll also be releasing an update for the Tablo iPhone app shortly. Your devices should receive an update notification (unless you have auto update selected) for version 1.1.7 in the coming hours.

Tablo Web App Update – Version 1.1.7
This release includes the following updates:
• Adds support for Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers
• Fix for Tablo Connect playback issues when not streaming at full quality
• Other small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

While Edge and Firefox are now supported, please note not all features available using Chrome will be immediately available on Edge and Firefox. The major differences here are some filters (Genres, Ratings, Most Recent) and Tablo Connect.

Tablo Fire TV and Android App Update – Version 1.1.7
This release includes the following updates:
• Fix for Tablo Connect playback issues when not streaming at full quality
• Fix for ‘Unfortunately, Tablo has stopped’ error (specific to Android devices)
• Other small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

Tablo iPhone Update – Version 1.1.7
This release will include the following updates:
• Fix for Tablo Connect playback issues when not streaming at full quality
• Other small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

We hope you enjoy these updates!

If you have any problems, please post below or pop a note to Tablo Support.

Note: the original update noted here was 1.1.5, which was updated to 1.1.7 to make some improvements to sorting and Chromecast issues.

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On my Win10 PC, I can connect fine via Chrome, but the Edge browser cannot find my Tablo. It is listed, but will never connect.

Firefox is working fine.

Also, there are still issues with garbled data coming through on the bottom of the screen when using Tablo Connect for live TV at 3 Mbps or 4 Mbps. However, I was able to stream live TV at that resolutions using just my cellular connection without buffering, which I don’t think I could do before.

I had an issue on Sunday where I couldn’t use Tablo Connect for live TV, which was very frustrating. Hopefully this fixes that particular issue.

Win 10 here also, and similar results. I can connect with Chrome and Firefox also works, but Edge browser never connects.

Edge is working for us.

Nice to see support for more browsers although FF and Edge are not available on Tablo Connect.

Thanks for the updates. I’ll test out the Android app a little bit later today. On a personal opinion… Edge is an absolute terrible browser. If any user is using that… facepalm.

@TabloSupport does this apply to the Win10 store app?

@VipeNess No changes to the Win10 app this time!

Mozilla Firefox v50.1.0 connects just fine.

However, NoScript v2.9.5.2 Firefox add-on prevents the connection, even with allow scripts globally enabled.
It’s a NoScript issue, but wanted everyone to know.

Chromecast is missing from the Android app.

I can’t connect to Chromecast anymore either.

But thank you for fixing the ‘Tablo has stopped responding’ problem!!!

In the TV Shows listings the tv show posters are no longer in alphabetical order. Is there some way to get them back in order?

Yes, and there is no difference in recent and all listings. This update is really going backwards after 2 1/2 years of Tablo. HELP (the boss is going to throw it out the window!)

@TabloSupport @TabloTV
This release (1.1.5) seems to have broken my Fire TV Stick (Current Gen w/Alexa Remote).
My Recordings list is incomplete, and previously recorded shows won’t play back - nothing happens when a recording is selected, and I eventually get just a black screen.

What’s up?

Since Android update, the order that recorded programs are displayed are seemingly random. For example, my favorite “most recent” display is now useless. Since I have dozens of programs recorded, this is very painful. Please fix asap.

As posted above, sorting of Recordings is messed up for both the Android TV app and the Web app. “All” and “Most Recent” both show the same order, which is neither by date nor alphabetical.

Android app: The thumbnails that appear when touching the timeline are now blank. Also, playback on local network now functions same as remote playback over the Internet; Instead of instantly getting whole timeline, you need to wait for it to “load” before moving forward in program.

Sure hope I get a choice on the update … sounds like one to avoid for now! I’d much rather deal with the app dying when I turn off the TV than not having FFWD thumbnails, or having to watch “as if remote”… Sounds like a double-hump through the router, and my setup likely won’t handle that since the last leg is wireless to the Android TV player…

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Hey folks! We’re looking into a few of these reports right now. Will post with an update ASAP.

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I hope so. This update has basically made my Tablo unuseable!!!

Trying to use the Edge browser and still getting “A connection to your Tablo could not be established”. Works in Chrome just fine, even the “Most Recent” works OK. Strangely I don’t see a “Most Recent” option in Firefox and they both report that the HTML app is version 1.1.6. Did we get an update already?