New Dual HDMI. Tablo Ripper Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server

I just set up my Tablo Dual HDMI and recorded a couple of programs. Now I’m at the PC (Windows 10 Pro) running Tablo Ripper 2.4.3. I entered the Tablo’s static IP and clicked refresh. A popup with the title “Load Recording List” displays “Initializing” seemed to be accessing the recordings, but there are no entries in the Recordings table when the popup closes.

The log file says this:

2/21/2023 3:08:01 PM btnCancel_Click
2/21/2023 3:08:08 PM InitClient
2/21/2023 3:08:08 PM Config: C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper
2/21/2023 3:08:09 PM GetTabloList
2/21/2023 3:08:09 PM Using static IP
2/21/2023 3:08:30 PM GetRecordingList_Selected
2/21/2023 3:08:30 PM GetTabloList
2/21/2023 3:08:30 PM Using static IP
2/21/2023 3:08:30 PM GetTabloRecordingList
2/21/2023 3:08:30 PM InvokeApi
2/21/2023 3:08:51 PM Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server
2/21/2023 3:09:04 PM Running as user: notepad.exe C:\ProgramData\TabloRipper\TabloRipper.log in C:\Program Files (x86)\TabloRipper\

The exception seems to be the key to my lack of results. I will greatly appreciate any help in arriving at the conclusion of my quest.


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Thanks for the prompt response. Looking at the log file, the problem appears to be obvious: Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server.

What would cause this inability to connect?

I have noticed a few things while poking around. The Tablo disconnects from the network after a while. But I made sure it was active before the most recent test. The results are the same in the log.

Another post mentioned using port numbers to access the hard drive connected to the Dual HDMI models. If that’s the case, what would those port numbers be?

Thanks in advance.

Obviously :roll_eyes: couldn’t this vague reference suggest your Windows system has some “protection” software or setting keeping it form accessing your tablo?

Ok, I’m not familiar with all the intricacies of Tablo Ripper, other than asking posting questions to it’s thread nor do I have an HDMI tablo. Its been said to work, you do need an active subscription to stream over your home network.

Don’t recall users getting the directory from an HDMI, but it may be similiar to the network ones as 3rd party apps access them.

Thanks for the moral support. Hopefully someone with answers will shed some light soon.

I don’t think this is a Windows issue. Tablo Ripper appears to access the Tablo Dual HDMI through the network. Accessing the hard drive connected to the Tablo is the issue.

As I mentioned earlier, another post discussed connecting with the Tablo Dual HDMI hard drive and talked about using a port, 18080. I will try this today and post back, but hunting around for these technical tidbits is tedious and time consuming. All of this info should be documented somewhere… or am I being too optimistic? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Looks like a good night’s sleep and a therapeutic reboot have cured my woes. I successfully ripped a video from my Tablo’s connected hard drive to my PC! Everything is lovely except for how the sound was converted. I want the original AC3, not an AAC soundtrack. I will post that question separately later if I don’t find an override myself.

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Tablo Ripper works fine with my Quad HDMI except my ip keeps changing so I always have to update it. Win 11 Pro. Tablo Tools works too once you figure out where to enter the ip.

You can assign a static IP address in your router’s admin page. That’ll fix it!

THEORETICALLY, that will fix it. I’m going to try it myself later today.