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Last night (8/26/2021), sometime between 9-10:00 PM PDT, I was watching a recorded show via my Roku Ultra when it lost connection to my Tablo, an original 4 tuner unit. After trying a couple of times to reconnect without success, I rebooted the Tablo and it was then able to connect, and is still able to connect as of this morning. My home network and internet connection have been solid, so I don’t believe I had a network issue. Tablo has the latest firmware.

I’m wondering if there was an issue with the Nuvyyo servers last night, or if there might be some other reason why Tablo lost the ability to connect and required a reboot. Would it have come back on its own eventually? I may have identified a use for the last, unused Wi-Fi smart plug in my drawer.

I have actually seen this happen several times over the last week +. Only once while watching it, but several times when I start the app on Roku or Apple TV I get the Connect to Tablo error and then the Tablo can’t be found unless I power cycle it. I’ve also missed a lot of recordings during this time. My network is wired and stable and I have reserved the IP address so networking should not be an issue. Literally the only thing that has changed recently is the firmware. The last thing I noticed is that when I do a power cycle the Tablo seems to be warmer than I recall.

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I have not experienced any of the issues you guys point out Every now and then a recording may have some chirping sounds in the back ground. This happens when commercial skip is activated. Not sure if due to low 2 bar signal or Tablo servers that filter out the commercials.
Here a tip worth trying. Instead of just resetting the Tablo. . Reset the router as well. If all of your electronic are on a surge protector power-strip . . power it off and wait 3 min and power back on. This should help to sync all your devices and cache on the router.

Today was the 2nd day I had to boot. Unable to connect. Also no recordings since last today. QUAD on Ethernet. The blue led is VERY dim though.
Any ideas?

Maybe you have a weak/bad power supply.

Hey Dr., I tried that with the same thought, same issue. I could have mentioned that in my original post. Thanks

I have two tablos and one of mine is doing this. Its not appearing in the roku app and I had to unplug it and plug it back in yesterday and the day before that to get it to appear. The blue llight was blinking both times before being unplugged. Now its not appearing again and I assume its doing the same thing.

? :thinking: ? Sounds good, in theory. What if, devices connect via a network switch?
What data is my router cacheing?
How is it my devices are “sync’d” unless they’re communicating constantly, what/how do they need to be re-sync’d? If my network devices get out of sync… can’t they figure it out with out needing intervention? Doesn’t network topology traffic control take care of most of this?

Tablo doesn’t filter out the commercials as much as it modifies the playlist to skip over them. It’s the same recording with or without commercials. The irritating noise is already there. :frowning:

Every now and then the router’s DNS cache can take a hit. I routinely power off my media power strip to reset all devices powered by it including my netgear switch. after 3 minutes I power on. Google. . router cache to understand what it does. My tablo dual is connected to gigabit port on my ASUS router. I have 1gig service.

Happened to me twice last week, on Wed and Fri. Had to power off and back on. I sent in a support ticket on Friday, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ve had this quad for a little over a year without this happening.

For the record, my newer Tablo on Wifi did the whole crash thing blinky light. My older one that’s hardwired seems ok. First time I’ve had a Tablo crash. Obviously, we missed several recordings.

Our Tablos run 24x7… last power outage was probably over a week ago, but the WiFi Tablo, which would have been affected (the older one is on UPS), was working post that outage.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in and all is well again.

I have stable systems and allow them to run for weeks without rebooting just in case or to make myself feel better. These aren’t windows based systems and generally don’t just need routinely restarted to keep them running.

This SOS situation isn’t something that’s happened with any consistency in the past, to claim this justifies past habits.

There are many users here who’s tablos run non-stop, if you need to reboot your’s to keep it going you may consider contacting tablo support. Submit a request – Tablo

Ask the Tablo Team | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

I received a reply to my ticket:
“The Tablo server experienced an outage twice in the last week causing quite a few users to need to reboot the unit. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Also, it hasn’t happened a third time for me so far.

There was a time @TabloSupport or @TabloTV would announce Server issues – so user would have an idea… instead of trouble shooting their devices needlessly.

When did the policy change?

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Well at least we know there was a server issue, but the Tablo folks might have told us that rather than let us worry needlessly.


Apologies folks… There was a note in a different thread:

As the outage was unplanned we weren’t able to warn people in advance.

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Tablo Quad
Had major issues with this for the last few weeks. Finally fixed it after I replaced my internal drive with a USB drive. It was disconnecting all the time and I finally started to get drive full or no storage available messages. I actually deleted all of my recordings and scheduled recordings which did not fix the problem. I believe it was caused by all the recording I was doing and the fact the drive drive was getting too hot and finally gave out. I think the drive blocks cooling air to the Tablo unit and also added to the heat issue. I’ve been running a cooling fan underneath it for several months now. Once I replaced to the drive Tablo works just like new and comes up in less than three seconds when I select it and the unit is much cooler.
The drive I replaced was a 2.5 Seagate Internal Drive. Now have 2.5 USB drive.

I feel better knowing I was not alone.

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