Tablo Server - Planned Maintenance - March 7

Hi folks -

Quick heads-up that we’ll be doing some work on the Tablo servers tomorrow (March 7, 2019) starting at 5:30 a.m. ET. We’re hoping it won’t take more than 30 minutes, but could last until 7:30 a.m. ET.

During this time your Tablo won’t be able to:

  • Download firmware updates
  • Perform TV Guide Data updates
  • Connect to the web app at
  • Connect using remote access (Tablo Connect)
  • And if your apps are unable to discover your Tablo on the local network, connection to your Tablo will fail as the server is used as a backup discovery mechanism

We’ll post an update in the thread when we’re back up & running.

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Quick update guys…

The majority of Tablo services are up at the moment but the updates to our billing server are going slower than anticipated.

New ETA for getting things wrapped up is 8:30 a.m. ET which means Tablo connectivity could be affected ~ 8-8:30 a.m.

We’ll post another update when we’ve wrapped things up.

We ran into some unexpected issues with the update to the billing server which means our timelines are pushed back by another hour or so.

If we’re not able to complete the work in that timeline, we’ll stop and try again tomorrow in order to reduce any potential impact on normal operations.

Stay tuned.

Hey guys - we’re still fighting some server-based gremlins but we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for your patience!

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Good news everyone! Gremlins have been turned back into Mogwai!

All systems should be back up and running normally.

That being said, if you see anything fishy, please let us know.

I had to refresh my Data Guide to get my subscription to show active. Also lost a couple of scheduled shows. Dual Lite using Roku. All back to normal now…

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Glad to hear you were able to get this sorted out.

For anyone looking for the button, it’s in the settings screen and looks like this:

Bizarre how everything worked fine until the middle of Prime Time this evening. I just learned of this, when trying to figure out why my guide was gone, and nothing recorded tonight. The guide went offline between 6:30-7 PM CST.

I understand that maintenance is necessary, but you have email addresses for your guide subscribers, and that’s how we should have been notified.

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I had news scheduled to record this morning at 7am and it didn’t record. When I check Scheduled recordings, all my scheduled recordings seem to be gone. Under ‘All’, it’s just a blank page. Everything was fine and recording yesterday up until at least 11pm. Would this maintenance have deleted all my settings?

Also, my previous recordings are still there, but the show images are all gone so it’s just showing the blue box with the show title.

Is any of this going to resolve itself, or how should I proceed?

With advice from other members I had to go into settings and hit the refresh button, then after that process was completed go in to scheduled recordings and reset all of them by selcting the show then selcting record button, now deselect and then respect new recordings or all recordings depending on which you prefer. Pain in the backside that we should have been made aware of by email notice.

That worked. I saw someone posting about refreshing the subscription, but I thought that only concerned the guide. I guess it makes sense that if your subscription didn’t appear to be on, it wouldn’t record anything, so refreshing that turned it back on and then everything went back to normal.

I did refresh, and it look ok. But discovered things are still screwed up. I have shows in Scheduled, set to record new episodes. It shows new episodes, but the record button isn’t selected!! while the following week is. I also have show set to record all with no record buttons set!!
@TabloSupport Could you re-run your maintenance and straighten this out!?