Lose subscription after recycle power, must refresh Guide data to schedule shows

Hi there, every time I recycle power the Tablo, I experience the problem that all my scheduled recording time slots disappear. I have to refresh the Guide data. It’s bothersome. I don’t remember having this before until firmware updated for the commercial skip feature. I wonder if other members also experience this?

I haven’t encountered it, but I don’t power cycle my Tablo except for firmware updates. Is there a reason you are power cycling your Tablo?

I will say that my Tablo was powered off and on last weekend due to power outages, and my schedules are still good.

Why are you recycling power often enough that this is an issue? If it’s power outages, get a small UPS for the Tablo.

I opened a ticket for this April 28th after I powered off one of my units to move it. You just have to go into settings and refresh the subscription. Of course the ticket response is the typical blah,blah,blah. So you can’t tell if they really think there is a problem.

It seems to match this post

zippy, that’s exactly what happens. Just weird.

Btw, I don’t go recycling the power for fun like some people think and it is not power outtage. It’s just that I receive error when connecting to the Tablo from Roku. Recycling the power fixes it quickly. Maybe other people find the Tablo does not lose the subscription after reboot, it’s just intermittent.

A blue button “reboot” is not necessarily a full reboot like a poweroff is. Many products have a fast reboot triggered by a reset button.

But regardless here is another FUBAR I told them about:

Assume you are using a Roku and it always enters the recording menu/tab. With this problem you notice that all the recordings appear but none of the recording images. You now navigate up to the settings menu and refresh the subscription and the full subscription is displayed.

If you now navigate back to the recording menu the recording are displayed but the images still don’t display. If you want the images to display you have to exit the Roku app and re-enter.

Maybe next time try rebooting your router first, and see if it fixes the problem. Don’t reboot the Tablo.

This might be slightly different but I lost my wifi internet for a few days as my router went out. I had to be hard wired into my computer for work. While this was happening I lost all of the future recordings and had to go in a reset each one individually. Is there a way to make it pick up future recordings come back once your subscription is good?

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It shouldn’t lose the future scheduling once the subscription is found again.

Thanks. I did. It was nothing wrong with the router. All my 10 wireless devices were still connecting.

The problem is it does exactly what you say it shouldn’t. And subscription is not found again, I have to manually refresh it.

If it is an issue where the Subscription needs to be refreshed after a reboot. Tablo support knows about it and is working on it. Log a support case the more they know the better for us. I had two tablos doing this one I fixed with a workaround by deleting and adding back all scheduled shows. The other Tablo support fixed after I put it in remote access mode and they “performed some maintenance”.

Thanks this is what I did was delete and reschedule shows. @TabloSupport any update on this being fixed going forward?

@Mometasone Definitely send our team a note and we can take a look at this for you.

@btank We are investigating this now and hope to have a fix in our next update.

Mine is similar, but when I go into settings, it says my subscription is expired. I can’t check “don’t record duplicates”, have lost all of my scheduling - and I had a number of them - and can’t click on a show in the live TV area and get “info”. It only pops up a white box asking if I want to record that show - no info, no options.
I can’t do a thing as it says my subscription has expired and yet that’s supposed to be lifetime.
It’s a tablo quad I’ve had for years - with very few issues… until now. We’ll be missing out on our scheduled recordings now until I figure things out!

PS - mine did not reboot -but I do lose internet now and then because of where we live and there’s no broadband out here.


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Mine happened because I lost internet as well and had to detach the modem from the router as my router was not sending out internet. I lost a few shows as it took me a few days to get the new router. I dont know why it did not record the series that was already scheduled for the next two weeks, I am guessing since it did not have an internet connection it figured no subscription. I lost some shows that I was planing on watching which is the worst part as now I cant get them back since they were older shows and dont have any of the streaming services. (also looking dont see it included in any either.)

I can’t watch recorded shows if we lose internet which is frustrating that it must have internet to watch something sitting on a local drive, but this is goofy - lose internet and the thing drops scheduled recordings because it thinks I don’t have the subscription? So folks if you don’t do the lifetime subscription and you run out, you lose all of your recording setup!.

Anyway, I did a reboot - still didn’t fix it, went through a few things and signed in and saw they still have me as subscribed, so I did a refresh of the subscription and it came back - except for some of my recordings which I had to re-do.

How are you watching it? I use a roku and it will let me watch with no internet. With fire stick they gave directions this week on how to watch with no internet. You might want to see if there is a work around for your device.

The message I see is that the tablo can’t be found but suggests to proceed. That usually takes care of it.
The proble seems to be a disconnect with the net and it can’t find the program image…
Go head you should not need the image to view the program.

LG TV, Tablo app. Odd when it does that, I get on my laptop, launch the show I want to watch and cast it to the TV. The internet doesn’t have to be down at that exact time, but if it was down recently, it’s like it takes an hour or so to talk back to Canada and choose to work again. Sometimes when I get that error that there’s no internet, there actually is.
No way am I going with yet ANOTHER device to have to use this! No to roku, etc.
The idea is to minimize the “things” on the network and internet, not add to them. More points of failure, more money, more stuff to plug into the TV.
PLUS - I can use the TV remote to watch that way! Turn TV on, use TV remote to choose what input to watch, choose Tablo, Table interface normally comes up, I choose a recorded show, hit play, and it’s going. No other remotes, no other devices, all from a single remote control - the TV remote. Nothing to plug in, nothing to buy.
TV is on the home network via Ethernet, Tablo is connected to the home network via Ethernet, in fact in the SAME SWITCH sitting 3 feet from both Table and the TV.
It’s a Tablo programming thing.
When there’s Tablo software on the TV, the TV is connected to my network via the same switch that the Tablo is connected to my network by - the two are basically connected together with only a Cisco switch between them! Silly they’d need internet to watch a show that’s already there.

I get Tablo can’t be found, scan for Tablo - it says it’s been found, even shows me the NAME of the Tablo so I know it’s mine, but it still says it can’t connect. I keep hitting retry, I try to rescan, it says it found it, but can’t connect. Then later, it connects just fine. Only happens when the internet has been down - even if the internet is back up. It’s like if the external IP address changes it has a fit on the local network.