Series recording not available

Suddenly no shows give the option for “series” record. Single recording works. Every program in the guide as well as the show list doesn’t have the triangle in the REC button and doesn’t provide the popup for series options. I have active guide subscription and this feature has bee working for a year. Seems like very recent bahavior.

You might want to mention what you are using Android, Roku Apple etc.

Also go to the Settings page and make sure you subscription is active. If not refresh it.

@nollchr If your subscription doesn’t appear as active as @andersonas25 mentions, give our team a shout and we can take a look and see what’s causing this to happen on your unit.

I think I’m all set. Refreshed subscriptions d restarted Tablo. One of those fixed it.

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If you see this happen again, feel free to send us a note.