Live TV stops - Back to guide - Reboots when try to go back to chl

Hey all,

There were no changes in 2.2.10 upgrade (throughout extensive internal and external testing) that could have spiked the rate of HD issues. Based on evidence we’ve collected, 2.2.10 has been our most positive and stabilizing release yet for bug fixes and known issues.

If you’re not entirely convinced, send us a support ticket, and we can change your firmware back to 2.2.8 and monitor any USB/drive related issues for you. Keep in mind, going back to 2.2.8 will remove the ‘recent recordings’ feature in the Roku app, and the Apple TV app won’t be supported.

Generally speaking, there are two causes to issues like this: drive failures (or firmware issues, noted above) or very occasional USB port failures.

It’s very important that we treat these cases on an individual basis, so that we don’t misdiagnose an issue.

Fortunately, we have the tools to do this via remote access. If you’d like us to take a look at your Tablo specifically so that we can get to the bottom of this for you, please send us a ticket and feel free to reference this thread.

I’ve seen multiple threads listing 5-10 different conditions for the problem. Wouldn’t it be easier if tablo support picked some of these users, turned on the appropriate debug flags, and collect the logs.

It’s clear in some of these posts that the tablo is rebooting itself. It would seem that the reason for this self reboot would be revealed in the tablo log. And if tablo doesn’t have adequate logging, maybe the logging needs to be improved and shipped to some of the users experiencing this problem.

My HD is the Tablo recommended WD Elements drive, and I’ve checked it has up-to-date firmware. It is also approximately 2 weeks old. I, in no way shape or form, believe this to be a HD issue to begin with. Especially considering, for me and some others in this thread, this occurs precisely at the point a second stream is started. In fact, even if it IS somehow an issue with the HD not liking to write 2 simultaneous streams, I would say that Tablo needs to reconsider their ‘recommended’ status for these WD elements drives. Also in fact, if external hds are to be considered a common enough point of failure that even the ‘recommended’ drives are causing serious issues like full reboots… the entire idea of using external drives needs to be re-evaluated.

I do very much like the device, and that there is some feedback from the company regarding issues. But I find, “Our firmware is awesome now, gonna have to blame the other hardware parts of the system that aren’t ours” a very disheartening response, especially considering the fairly specific, not random, circumstances under which this issue is occurring for some of us.

Sounds exactly like the statement that the previous firmware update could in no way be causing the LPW issue (which it did). Since firmware has been ruled out at as the cause I guess all of us just happen to have our HD fail at the same time as the update just like all those networks failed at the same time as the previous big firmware update. Sorry, but the blame the customer’s environment is getting old.

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I have 2 tablos. It’s amazing how the drive and/or USB cable went bad on both of them at around the same time. Or if you reduce the use of Live TV the frequency of the problem also goes down.

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Curious about the “all of us” reference. I’ve seen only a very few posts on the problem which seems to be coming exclusively from Roku users. I have chosen NOT to use the latest update at this time and would like to hear from others who are experiencing this problem before making the switch. Particularly so in view of the fact that 2.2.8 is working very nicely for me in conjunction with NP using full HD setting.
If it aint broke…yada yada.

Just referring to the ones that have posted about reboots. Particularly the ones which have have had support specifically tell them the HD is causing the reboot…

Tablo support had me disconnect hard drive. Problem still happened. They then said it was a Roku problem. And they couldn’t do anything about it. Sure getting old having to reboot about every hour.

I just wanted to mention that this happened to me tonight. I added two stations that had four dots, but were iffy when I tried them previously with the antenna connected to my TV. I am using an Apple TV (but also have a Roku 3 that I was using until a few days ago). I would tune into the channel with weak signal and get a Weak Signal error. Looking at the Tablo I would see that it was rebooting itself. I was able to reproduce this multiple times. Tuning into a other channels was fine. Would like to find out what’s going on.

I’m still seeing this issue and this thread seems to have gone quiet. Is there a solution to this yet?

I haven’t seen a tablo supplied solution. They might imply that Live TV failures are caused by bad disk and/or USB cable. Of course no one can explain why only Live TV and not regular recording is affected. So in the mean time I avoid using Live TV.

Of course poltergeists could be responsible. I tried to order a Psychokinetic Energy Meter and Proton Pack from amazon so I could detect and neutralize said poltergeists.

Not true zippy, it does happen for recordings. The roku often just stops playback of a recording all by itself. Roku bodged this up so they have to fix it.

As you can see from preceding posts the problem is not limited to Roku - “I am using an Apple TV”.

I have 2 tablos and the problem was fairly constant on both when using Live TV. I never had a failed recording. I stopped using the Live TV over 2 months ago and still haven’t had a failed recording or a pop-back while watching a recording. And actually I never saw the problem on 2.2.8.

Maybe you have a bad disk and/or USB cable.

did you open a support ticket about this? I had the same problem. They wanted to know what stations it happened on. It was happening daily. They did find an issue in transmission and said they were hoping to have a fix in a future release. I reverted to 2.2.8 and haven’t had the problem since.

No, but I will. Thanks.

STill happening to us on a regular basis. And it seems to happen right at the critical time in one of the Olympic races.

How do you revert back to the previous version?

open a ticket and ask tablosupport to revert you to 2.2.8.

@jwwhite001 Send us a ticket, and we can take a look.

For anyone else wondering about this, @dlrmn had a pretty specific issue that caused failures when certain specs of the video changed mid-broadcast - not something that we see very frequently. We’re still actively investigating this specific issue, which had a similar behaviour to the one titled in this thread.

This isn’t the ‘fix-all’ for the mid-playback stop some of you are seeing on the Roku - we maintain that this is a Roku issue, and that we’ve given them details on this.

@TabloSupport.It seems that the issues some people are having are not that ‘specific’. It seems that there is an issue with 2.2.10. Why is 2.2.8 working great for some when 2.2.10 is not?