Live TV stops - Back to guide - Reboots when try to go back to chl

While watching live TV, drops back to guide, if recording, stops recording. When I try to reacess the channel, I get “error: Weak Signal”. This will start an auto reboot of the Tablo. This is a strong channel, never pixelates or drops out. Gives the same error on all channels. My signal is strong on all but one chl, which I don’t watch. This has only happened since the lateset software upgrade 2.2.10. This occurs using Roku 2 or Androis app. I have put in a ticket, they recommended replacing the USB cable or/and the hard drive. I am using a WD Elements 2TB hard drive, and have replaced the USB cable. The hard drive has been tested using WD extended test, no bad sectors. I have a 2 tuner Tablo, replaced after the tuner quit before the warranty was up. Anyone else having these issues since the upgrade?

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yes, I have had the same as well and I have seem many other posts describing the same behavior.

Yes, my 2 tuner just did it again. To me it seems to happen when tablo hasn’t been in use for a while and the first use is Live TV.

And tablo’s response for a problem that didn’t seem to occur before release 2.2.10 is replace the drive and/or usb cable.

mine happens randomly. At first I thought it was only when I’ve been watching live TV for awhile. Then I thought it was when the tablo got too hot so I put it on a cooling device. Neither of those things turned out to be true. Sometimes it happens frequently and other times it might go a few days before it happens again. It used to be just on my new Roku stick but now that my older stick has updated to 7.2 it’s happening on that one too. I don’t have any problem with streaming other channels from the Roku, it’s just the tablo. Tablo support doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

There is probably one solution. If you have a WD drive, which also comes with the USB cable, wait for tablo support to respond to an open support ticket with the indication that the drive and/or USB cable is bad.

Then you take their response contact WD forward the tablo response and demand they take their crappy product back.

there’s nothing wrong with the drive or the cable.

is it a passport?

No, its a WD Elements 2tb, the one that was recommended when I bought my Tablo over a year ago. Was working fine until the Tablo software update.

Of course there is probably nothing wrong with the drive and/or USB cable. But one way to get the problem resolved is to have one company imply that another companies product is at fault (in this case WD) and that company takes offense.

Tablo plays the same BS game when they imply that various routers need to be rebooted to solve a tablo connectivity issue. Before I had tablo I ran various media devices through my router for years without needing to reboot a router.

I’ve seen this happen a couple of times as well, when watching live TV on my Roku, and then accessing Tablo via the browser on my laptop. I think a bug may have crept in to 2.2.10, as I hadn’t seen this before.

Today I was lucky enough to actually be connected to the tablo via the PC WEB app when my attempt to use Live TV via a Roku failed. You can observe the WEB app disconnect during the tablo reboot. As the WEB app reconnects it indicates, for a few seconds, that no disk is found. Then the server discovers the disk and tablo is fat dump and happy for a few more hours.

I have a WD Elements 1 TB drive I bought with the Tablo and had the odd problem with it. There was a firmware update for it, that resolved that. It’s worth checking out, mate, on the off chance that there might be an issue.

WD elements drive with suffix “-03” has the drop out/offline problem that was fixed by a firmware update. Suffixes “-04” and “-05” don’t have the drop out problem. Everyone with a “-03” drive updated the firmware over a year ago. Otherwise you would have committed suicide long ago since the frequency of going offline was very high and the tablo reset did not clear the problem. Only either unplugging the USB cable or unplugging the power cord would clear the problem.

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My WD Elements is version -05, however I didn’t see any updates for Elements, just for Passport on the WD website support page.

mine is an elements -05 as well.

I’m still using 2.2.8. with NP (wireless) and feeling no pain. I think I’ll hang with 2.2.8 for a while.

So far, it hasn’t been a major issue for me. I’ve only seen it twice, and only when watching live TV on my living room TV, and trying to access another live channel on my tablet’s browser.

On a positive note, I’m really happy with the performance of my new antenna, a Channel Master Smartenna. Channels that were on the verge of reception, sometimes coming in and sometimes not, are giving me solid reception now. Greatly expands my viewing choices. Tablo seems happier now on channels previously marginal.

Just want to add my voice that I’m experiencing the same exact issue, usually when trying to start a second live stream on a second device on top of an existing live stream which is almost always on a Roku. I’m on a 2-tuner model, but no recordings were happening or recently finished.

I too am having Tablo reboot that started with one of the 2.2.9 betas. Support is saying it is caused by the HD USB cable disconnecting as others on this thread mentioned. Of course it is my HD that is bad, just like it had to be my network was bad during the firmware caused LPW issue.

As there are a number of us experiencing this, under some specific conditions, it’s likely a bug in 2.2.10

When I get a chance, I will do some testing to see if it’s repeatable.