Letters of desperation

Ok so I have been collecting these (well taking pics of then tossing) of the letters of desperation that Comcast has been sending me since I cut the cord… its almost like when you break up with someone and they just dont get its “over” …

I have been posting these so my cord cutting curious friends can see them … and/or those who just want to “renegotiate” a better cable deal for themselves but not fully cut the cord (it helps to know just how desperate they will go when you call to barter for a better rate)…

I encourage others to post pics of the letters they have been getting into this thread… I am curious to see what offers people are getting after they cut the cord in other parts of the country…

btw I like the random “prepaid Visa card” ?? seriously thats a weird tangent to add to an offer…

The other very amusing part is X1 is not in my town (we still have a 15 year old system in use here) and when I last asked they said it would be “years” before X1 came here… lol… I love how they are pushing it.


Note that some of the special prices are for 12 MONTHS but the contract is for 24 MONTHS. What happens after 12 months? Tell them you NEED the same price for the whole length of the contract, not ONLY HALF.

Oh I know the whole thing is really incredible when you start really reading between the lines… pffft… its over comcast…

I’ve been getting the same letters from DirecTV same 24 month contract with only a 12 month guarantee on price and a $200 gift card. DirecTV have some pretty good disguising envelopes.

If you think of it take a snapshot and post your letter here … I’d like this thread to be a sort of ongoing thing…

I am kinda curious if the offers vary regionally/market …

How can so much free stuff cost so much.

Wow with all that free stuff you think you would be making money !

The title of the email was “Come back to DirecTV and save BIG!”

I got another one today…

I constantly receive letters like this as well. Makes me realize just how much money the big cable operators make - to be able to design, print, and continually mail these offers (most get thrown out) - and still be profitable. Reminds me of the banks peddling their credit card offers.

Desperation at it’s best! Check out my latest video rant… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CL1i0e2ppw

Sorry to be self promoting, but you people are my target audience. :grinning:

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I guess it is nice to be wanted. :smirk:

I’ve got solicitors coming to my door all the time, so, I decided to print these signs I made and put them on my door…


Oh thats fantastic …!

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Great sign - but you’ve got a typo - it’s Satellite.


@ToddExyz -


I get those too.

And at Costco or Walmart there are always people trying to sell me services. If I’m bored while my wife shops around, I may engage in a convo with them, but they all go the exact.same.way

Them: How would you like to upgrade your cable service?
Me: I don’t have cable
Them: How would you like to upgrade your satellite service?
Me: I don’t have satellite
Them: How do you watch TV?
Them: Well for $15/month we can get you basic cable + an extra $5 gets you a DVR!
Me: Can you do it for free?
Them: Puzzled look
Me: I pay $0 and I can get everything you’re offering.

End of discussion.

The DirecTv guy at my local Costco seems impressed when I tell him about everything the Tablo can do. Maybe I can get him to cut the cord and get one. :smile:


I will send you a box of Canadian goodies if you manage that one. Would love to be able to tell that story :wink:

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