Letters of desperation

Next time just bring your tablet/mobile device in and show him directly … lol…


nice sign

Yeah, I get that mail all the time. Once a week from Cox, often two times a week from DirectTV (and DirectTV tries to be sneaky about it, making it look ‘handwritten’ to get you to open it… says a LOT about what kind of company they are imho).

Maybe they will get the ‘hint’ someday, but I doubt it. Dinosaurs tend to roam around and make a lot of noise until they go extinct.

New one to add to the collection…

Looking over the past year of offers I like how they are systematically probing to see what I will bite at.

I use xfinity for the internet and phone. Pay about $60 a month or so (wife writes the checks, so I am only guessing close to what we pay). For that money I get at a minimum 85 mbits d/l and 7 mbits u/l speeds and full service phone line. I could drop the phone line, but it’s free for xfinity to provide it and I have used it a couple times to hold price increases by saying I’ll have to drop the phone if they raise the costs. Cable TV has not been in my home for well over 12 years, so really don’t miss not having it. OTA here I get just about 40 channels, so between netflix, OTA, and a few streaming websites, I can watch whatever is ever on cable for free. Looking at that $139.99 every month above makes me wonder if paying half a new car payment to watch some TV makes sense. Does’t to me.