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Got usuall offer from Time Warner Cable in the mail. TV at “Your
Preferred Price” $29.99 (remaining in legalize font) for 1 year plus
taxes, equipment, broadcast and other charges. I called to see what
channels it included and was told local channels. I asked about COZITV,
GRIT, LAFF, ION, BUZZR, MOVIES!, RTVE, REVN, METV and was told no (as
expected). I get 40 channels, which I watch 20 of due to remainder being
Spanish, infomercial, religious. I told her I’d keep my over the air
antenna since they are charging for a DOWNGRADE!

Forgot to tell her I get a BETTER PICTURE too!

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The (the cable/IP/sat providers) just don’t get it. Sure, I’m not expecting “free”, but $30 plus $15+ in fees per month is pretty expensive!

I have a thread going here if you want to take a pic of your offer and post it…

Been collecting these “special offers” so we can laugh at / cross compare … I like to see how they differ the offers via region/market and what “bonuses” they try to incentivize them with…

I have 4 major gripes, and they all have to do with honesty or being forthright…

  1. No hidden fees / no per TV fees
  2. No Long term contracts
  3. No Introductory rates
  4. Dont treat new customers better than long term customers

Just tell me up front what the cost really is, without a long contract and without any price hikes during that short time.

I understand the equipment needed to receive the data for each TV isnt free, so even if I am being unrealistic asking for NO per TV fee, still, show that price UP FRONT, not hidden & don’t make me “rent” your equipment and it NEVER be paid for. I would even be OK if it was a finance deal, I pay monthly but eventually it drops off.

Sure, offer me the latest greatest equipment once paid for, that’s fine, but then its my choice if I want to keep the old or start over financing the new.

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They will all fail #4. Sad but true.

In fairness, I might amend that to - Don’t treat new customers a LOT better than the old ones. I know it sometimes will take a special deal to get someone to switch, but the special deals are in many cases EXTREME.

In my case, I waited for 2 years for dish network to offer their whole home DVRs to existing customers… Had they offered it, I would have even been willing to sign a new contract or even pay a small upgrade fee & sign a contract.

Nope, I had to escalate to customer retention to even get them to offer it and then they still wanted $200…

Sad thing is, I was ready to do it, and then later that same month (just before I was about to call them back and agree), the wife lost her job… Long story short, ended up cutting dish completely and have been soo much happier!

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