Legacy app always syncs

Hey all, I have been struggling with an issue for quite some time. My legacy tablo app ( legacy quad tuner tablo ) ALWAYS forces a full sync of all my recording before allowing access to live tv, or anything for that matter. This takes several minutes (4 or 5) EVERY time I want to watch tv on my tablet. This does not occur on my roku tv. Anyone have any advice? This makes the app very frustrating and I often just get sick of waiting and just got get my laptop instead. I have tried the usual rebooting router/modem deleting app/cache and reinstalling. I have never been able to get this under control.

Thanks in advance

I should have made clear my tablet is a fire hd8+ 12th generation running the legacy tablo app from the google playstore.

If this is the legacy Android mobile Tablo app, it is a long-standing issue. Some time ago, support stated that they had a modernized new release forthcoming, but it appears to be vaporware.

“Fully refreshed”, but we’re all still waiting…

I appreciate the reply, hard to believe they can’t get basic functionality working properly. In any event thanks for responding.


I believe there was a time when most of the legacy apps did this “synch” process. As far as I can tell ( I use a lot of these apps across different devices) the Android mobile app was the only one that didn’t get modernized and over the finish line before they became exclusively 4th gen device focused.

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@TabloTV , will the efforts that were made to modernize the Android mobile app for legacy devices ever be released for your legacy device customers?

The 4th gen app for Android Mobile doesn’t do a sync. So I would expect that when the 4th gen software comes to the legacy devices, that will resolve your issue. It was originally planned for this year, but considering the AppleTV beta has been going on for so long, it likely has been pushed back for a while.

From what I recall way, way back, this “syncing” didn’t (maybe never) happened with Roku devices. That was one of the benefits of using Roku. In the earlier days anyway.