Issues After Updating to 2.2.6

I’ve not had any issues with the Tablo at 2.2.2 for weeks. Today I took the update to 2.2.6. Now the tablo is basically unusable. Every 20 minutes are so of line tv I get a playback error and the live tv stops. It then hangs on the “connecting” screen and other devices such as my phone, ipad, and web app cannot connect to the tablo. After about 1 minute they connect and it says the dreaded “No Hard Drive” message. I’ve pressed the reset button and cycled power numerous times tonight, but it keeps coming back. Why all the sudden after taking the update? Anyone else having this issue? Please help. I am also opening a ticket so that support can connect and take a look at the logs.

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After doing the firmware update, I have MANY previously recorded but invisible recordings suddenly appear. I knew that some were “missing” but never realized how many until tonight when they became visible.

Basic observations:

Different set of recordings on Roku than on iOS players.

Duplicate icons for the same TV series, some programs under 1 icon, othets show up under second or third duplicate icon.

Much, much, much slower deletes, navigation on Rokus.

Rebooted IMMEDIATELT on very first and second fast forwards while using Roku (same issue SINCE APRIL!

Glad to see all those prior missing files show up and glad to FINALLY delete icons of some shows which could never be deleted and hope the connection problem introduced by the prior Tablo firmware has been fixed.

Final score:

3 new bugs

2 fixed bugs (possibly 3 if connection now begins working correctly again)

1 remaining VERY SERIOUS bug since April.



Do you have the Roku 7.x firmware yet?

You shouldn’t see any reboots on your Roku once your firmware is updated.

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WOW, no I do not !

I checked for Roku firmware updates (system and Tablo channel app) as recently as 2 hours ago, and the system is still at early September and the Tablo channel app is still February 2015.

Are you referring to a beta release of Roku 7 ?

The Roku 7.x firmware is being rolled out to all Rokus as far as I can tell. I was on the beta, so I already have the last release candidate, but I would think you will get it in the next few days on all your Rokus.

Great! Checked again at 9:52 PM and still Build 3672 Version 6.2 dated September 1, 2015.


Thanks for alerting me!


I just finished reading a directly related firmware 2.2.6 thread ar:

The Roku 7.X release does NOT solve the (7 month old) fast forward rebooting issue according to this thread.

I hope they are wrong and you are correct !


My issue happened again over night with the tablo sitting idle. It now doesn’t work again this morning…

Unless they changed something after the beta RC, the reboot issue is still there. It may be reduced, but I did have 1 reboot on FF in the RC for 7.

I haven’t got the actual 7.0 release yet. I am assuming even beta testers have to wait for the staged roll out.

I’ve updated to 2.2.6 as of 10/24/15 and while I didn’t experience this problem with the 2.2.2 firmware, now while watching live tv the Tablo seems to “load” on a very frequent basis. I’m viewing during the late evening with signals coming in very strongly. Has anyone else noticed this issue. Like I said, I hadn’t noticed it loading this much before the update while watching live tv.

Now on 2.2.6. Using a Windows 10 box. Have been using IE to watch live but it is now unwatchable, starts stuttering after a few minutes of watching. Chrome is better but it stutters a bit after a while and the audio gets way out of sync. Previously IE was usable, Chrome was not as good. I really want to like it but has been glitchy since day 1. Recordings do not have any audio sync issues.

The biggest different we noticed with this change is that with the Roku 3, about every 3rd time we fast forward, it is now freezing and reboots. It was freezing/rebooting before, and we could deal with it, but now it seems much worse. We also noticed that the thumbnails are now missing. This freezing/rebooting when fast forwarding is a huge problem.

@shalone, which Roku firmware are you on? Are you on 6.x or 7.x? 7.x will hopefully fix you reboot issue, but it is taking a while to roll out to everyone.

Tablo updated and is now basically unusable. Loading please wait has emerged as was before. Back to using Apple TV instead of Roku

Hello, after the update “2.2.6.” my recorded shows appeared Thanks
does everyone have the long wait for the recorded show to play after FF through commercials?
I’m using the Roku 3 with my Tablo 4

My Roku 3 on the 7.x firmware, 2.2.6 Tablo firmware, and newest Tablo Roku app works very well. No reboots, no problems with blank screen, and quick response times when rewinding and fast forwarding.

Tested the new 2.2.6 update with Apple TV and, thankfully, that remains rock solid. Also checked my TV with the Roku 3 installed and that does the “Loading, Please Wait” thrash but is markedly more stable. The Roku Firmware 7.0 update has not been downloaded as yet. Is that automatic or do I need to go out and get it?

Hi, all:

My Tablo went to 2.2.6 sometime yesterday, and Build 15 of the roku app sometime yesterday as well. All my recordings from yesterday are not visible through any device/roku, however, in a quick look at, the address of my Tablo, I can verify they are there, and recorded. Any ideas on how to recover these? Will a simple reboot of the Tablo allow them to show up?

I’ve had this Tablo for about a week. I think it arrived with 2.2.2. There were some obvious bugs, but it seemed usable.

I updated to 2.2.6 last night, and what a hot mess. I constantly get “Loading … Please Wait” and then it backs up and plays the last 3 or 4 seconds. And, it seems to be causing my Roku stick to lock up.

At this point this thing is basically useless and I’m regretting the purchase.

I would say this product has an unusually high level of bugginess.

@TabloSupport I am also having a similar issue as Dan_Cooper. Starting playback (either new or after FF) takes forever… before the update it took less than 10 secs. Now it takes around 1 minute 20 secs or more… I am using Tablo Preview Beta on Roku 3. Roku and Tablo are on the latest versions.