iPad 2 app no longer working

So yesterday my iPad 2 was working just fine, but today all I get is the a blank screen with just the light blue header bar. It tried to load forever but never does. I thought maybe something got corrupted so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Same thing. I use it most days remotely so I really missed using it today. I tried again from home with no change.

Anyone else have this happen recently?

Yes. The same thing happens to our iPad2 after updated app.

I also tried my work laptop which couldn’t connect either due to security proxy settings.
Only our iPhones will connect.
Very upsetting.

Same here, my iPhone works fine. It’s just too small of a screen for me.

Same here- Ipad2 won’t load all the way

A quick update, I also tried the web app, same thing. A totally blank browser.

No problem here with connecting with the iPad Pro an iPhone 6s
ipad/phone running iOS 12

Hi all, we’re looking into this now. Just to confirm: is everyone here using an iPad 2? If so, which version of iOS are you using?

If you use the browser on your iPad to access http://my.tablotv.com/, do you have similar results?

iPad 2 here - iOS 9.3.5 (that is the last iOS update allowed in this iPad 2) -

I did NOT yet upgrade to the latest Tablo app - of Sept. 24, 2018 v. 1.6.2 (so what ever version was prior to that, I am still running - and it is working great)

I don’t have my iPad2 with me since I can’t use Tablo today, but whatever dmrome said I’m sure is correct.

@TabloSupport please see my comments above from this morning regarding using the browser.

I just tried the web browser app on the iPad 2 - using Safari and also Chrome browsers … tried to login via my.tablotv.com … blank page on both. Tablo app still works fine without the latest upgrade. I’ll wait till you guys push out another upgrade. :slight_smile:

I just checked my iPad 4, running iOS 10.3.3, and it will not bring up live tv - just a spinning ball. When I try to watch recent recordings it does the same thing. But, when I go to an old recording, i.e. before surround sound, it plays fine. I think this problem relates to the iPad not liking surround sound. I am running Tablo 2.2.22 and 10602 build 165(201809201651) Everything else seems to work ok on the iPad. I did turn surround sound off and it does the same thing.

iPad Air 1st gen here running iOS 11.4.1, Tablo version 1.6.2 from update 2 days ago. Tablo is working fine.

Now tonight it’s bugging me to install iOS12.0.

New iOS app is working fine on iOS 12 on an iPhone 7 Plus.

iPad 2 running 9.3.5. Upgraded to Tablo app to version dated Sept 24 2018, afterwards I experienced the same failure (app shows only white screen). Tried hard reboot, remove & reinstall app -no change.

And my iPhone SE is running 12.0 and it works just fine with Tablo. The iPad 4 is topped out at 10.3.3 and this may be part of the problem. I really miss the larger screen on the iPad vs SE.

This is very unfortunate - hope they fix it soon! That SE screen is so tiny, I want to upgrade to the Xs Max for a larger screen lol