iOS & iPadOS Tablo App crashing during Football

For several weeks now, I’ve been experiencing issues with my Tablo app on my iPad Pro and iPhone crashing while trying to watch local broadcast NFL games.
It only happens for the late-afternoon & evening games, which makes little sense. The 1PM Eastern games play fine. If the late-afternoon game comes on the same channel, it will freeze and crash. if I attempt to watch that channel again on the iOS/iPadOS app, it’ll immediately crash out to the main screen of the device.
I have tried this with and without external storage attached, and it makes no difference.
If I restart the Tablo, no change in behavior. Still crashes on channel playing NFL late-afternoon or evening games
Roku app and browser watching is unaffected.

Versions & models:
Firmware 2.2.38
iPadOS & iOS App version 2.0.1

I can’t explain this change in behavior, but since it seems consistent and reproducible, asking about it here. Has anyone seen this or know of a cause?

*edit: Corrected name of the Tablo model

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Now that the NFL game is over on my local FOX (5-1) broadcast, it streams fine to my iPad and iPhone.

When i try to watch fox five channel 5.1 Tablo app crashes. This only hapens on IOS devices - iphone, Ipad. Works fine from Tablo app on PC or android devices or from web browser. Only happens on Fox Five channel. All other channels have no issues. Anyone else having this issue?

Is your FOX 5-1 channel currently showing an NFL game by any chance? I have this exact same issue in my area (Washington D.C. / Maryland) and it seems to only happen during NFL broadcast games. Other channels work fine, but not late-afternoon and evening NFL games. Early games (1pm) are fine…

Yes only happens when nfl game is on. I tried watching 4pm green bay/la game and it kept crashing. I caught some of the earlier game at 3:30pmand thought it was good until the 4pm game started

I had no issue streaming the late night NFL game on local NBC affiliate 4-1. For several weeks though, I have crashes when streaming the NFL broadcast games on the local FOX affiliates 5-1 (Washington D.C.) and 45-1 (Baltimore) for the late-afternoon (4:25pm) games to my iPad & iPhone. Broadcast games at 1pm are fine.

Additional testing;
AppleTV Tablo App: Works fine, no crash
Roku TV App: Works fine, no crash
Safari browser: Works fine, no crash
Firefox: Works fine, no crash

I opened a ticket with Tablo Support and they confirmed that this is a known issue with NFL on FOX streams, and maybe be related to the encoding and iOS. They are working on a fix.

Thanks for the follow-up, shmoo. I had the same issue on iOS and came across your thread. It is interesting that it is only FOX NFL streams on iOS. I will look forward to the fix.

Not just Fox NFL streams tho… but at least in my case, only late-afternoon games. I can stream 1pm Eastern Fox NFL games just fine on iOS. So bizzare.

Interestingly enough, today the crashes are happening on the late-afternoon (4:25pm EST) games on CBS. FOX late-afternoon games are streaming fine today.

I just experienced this watching live TV on a local Arizona channel while using the iOS app (nothing to do with football)

@smess Out of curiosity, what were you watching?

We are investigating this now, but with seemingly only one time per week to catch the issue we’re playing a bit of a waiting game between opportunities.

It was a local news type program on AZ channel 7.1 I believe

OK thanks. And was there a specific point in the program when the crash happened? Like were they transitioning from the anchors to a clip or something?

Sorry, I don’t recall (it was on more in the background of what I was doing) but I’ll be on the lookout for more specific details if it happens again

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I was just using the app on my iPhone sorting the guide for a specific channel’s TV programs a moment ago and the app crashed. Screen went briefly to black and then closed unexpectedly.
This is on an iPhone 6S Plus. Once I tried reopening the app, I got the “Unable to locate your Tablo’” message a few times (while confirming that the device was still visible on my Windows 10 app).

NFL broadcast games today, Sunday, December 12th, in the Washington D.C. / Baltimore area;
No issues with with the following;

  • 1pm, FOX 5-1 (D.C)
  • 1pm, CBS 9-1(D.C)
  • 1pm, FOX 45-1 (Baltimore)
  • 1pm, CBS 13-1 (Baltimore)

Crash in iOS and iPadOS;

  • 4:25pm, CBS 9-1 (D.C)
  • 4:25pm, CBS 13-1 (Baltimore)
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Happening to me too. Trying to watch 49er game on CBS app crashes on iPhone and iPad. Other channels seem to be ok. Hope this can be fixed?

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Same issues today. Norfolk Area

Same issue with me. New Rochelle, NY. CBS game Bucs-Bills. Works on my Roku. Not working on my iPad or iphone. Fox game is working fine.