How do I switch from external to internal storage?

@TabloTV, @TabloSupport:

I have been looking all over the place to try and figure out how I can safely remove my external drive from my 4th gen Tablo. I would like it to go back to recording on the internal flash until I can discover whether it is my Tablo or my external drive causing recording and playback issues.

So, quickly asked: How do I take out the external storage, make the Tablo aware of this fact, and have it start recording on the internal drive again?

Other articles about Legacy migration techniques or how to factory reset my Tablo do not share how to revert to internal storage.

Even your article (How Does Onboard Recording Storage Work on Tablo Devices? ), referenced in numerous places, does not say at what point you can remove the drive or if any additional steps are needed. Another topic, Can Tablo Dual revert to recording on internal storage only covered if it’s possible, not the the steps to take before doing so.

These Tablos seem to be super finicky and there are so many extra steps and reboots needed to do the simplest task, I worry that I’ll miss something and that anything on the internal storage will not show up and be inaccessible.

I have 6 days left return this to the store. I would much rather discover if this is a defective unit now, instead of trying to get a replacement product down the road. I’m sure that would be a longer process, cost you more money, and I would likely be without a valuable product while you decide to replace it or refund my money.

This is the same Tablo (#2 of 2 “two-tuner 4th gens”) I mentioned in Random deletions of not-so-kindness. My first device does not seem to have this issue, but I watch its recordings more often and they get deleted more quickly.