Can Tablo Dual revert to recording on internal storage

I have a Tablo Dual with 64gb internal storage. I understand that if I attach and format an external USB drive, subsequent recordings will be made to the USB drive while retaining playback access to the content previously recorded on the Dual’s internal storage. My question is, if I later detach the external USB drive, will the Tablo Dual revert to recording new content on the remaining free space in its internal storage, and allow deletion of any of the previously recorded content?

Yes, your Tablo will revert to recording on the internal drive after you’ve removed the external one. However you won’t be able to access any of the recordings made on the external drive.

More info here:

Thank you. I understand that the recordings on the external drive are not in a directly-accessible user format. But if the external drive is reattached to the Tablo Dual, is the previously-recorded content on the external drive then accessible again, or does an external drive get reformatted every time it is reattached?

Tablo has a paired database - one that lives on the Tablo and one that lives on the drive.

If they don’t match up, a host of bad things can happen as drives are not meant to be swapped in and out.

That being said, @TabloSupport has clarified to me that the recordings on the external drive will still be accessible as long as the database on the Tablo itself is not corrupted or deleted.