How difficult can it be and how long will it take

I got a new channel, 7.5 DECADES back on October 16 and opened a support ticket. How hard is it and how long for Gracenote to map DECADES programming to 7.5 in Austin, TX? Do they have to wait until they receive information from KTBC or will they do it because that is what I report the station is? It’s not like the station airs any local programming. TITANTV and has DECADES. I told TITANTV PRIOR to the broadcast actually starting and UNLIKE Gracenote, they immediately began working on it. How was Gracenote selected instead of Titantv? I know it is to late to change the guide provider at this point without lots of changes behind the scenes.

Alas, Titan is not available for commercial purposes.

We’ll give Gracenote a nudge for you!

I’ve gotten this Oct 9

I’ve sent this information over to our guide data provider in order to have them add the guide data.

Your reference number is 00941917

It can take 5 to 10 business days for this to show up in your guide.

and I still don’t have QuestTV on 11.2 - WTOL yet. I’ve asked the station about it, after 2wks they finally got PSIP info… but Gracenote hasn’t gotten through to them. It is frustrating. Since the first of the month.

So it takes longer than it should and is rediciliuosly difficult I guess.

All you people with new OTA channels should just feel lucky lol This never happens in Canada.

I woke up today and was neither in the hospital or pushing dirt. The sun is out and the temperature is warm. I’m going to the beach. Everything is good.

And then the world ended because a new TV channel didn’t have guide data.


From what I understand Canada doesn’t have as many subchannels as we do in the United States. I remember some years back, while running a beta of a subchannel problem. But didn’t complain because I knew what beta meant - better or broke. Tablo had a new beta out a couple of days later that fixed it. Of course it broke on a Friday. Haven’t had that happen again, but I realize it is a possibility.

Manual recording works and TitanTV has the channel.

Why does the guy want people to feel worse when their system isn’t working right!

Part of being great and superior should be to quietly enjoy it. After weeks why can’t you ask " How difficult can it be and how long will it take" with out being dumped on? It’s valid. If he’s so fortunate, great.

Can Tablo have a new feature added that if no channel info, to put what is on the tv when I press iffo?

and guess what - 14 days later, when I get home late, it’s updated! yippy!

Do you mean the EPG data embedded in the broadcasted stream? This has been asked for before and the answer was unfortunately no because it’s not a simple implementation. Maybe that will change.

yes, that’s what I mean. Looking at it from a programming standpoint, I can see the problems. I don’t think they can do it.

Let’s see if I have guide data for DECADES by US Thanksgiving.

Opened support ticket OCTOBER 15. STILL WAITING!

I guess you have your answer then, it is very difficult.

Why don’t they simply change it? It took me less than 5 minutes to add to TitanTV (before they did). They have had it a while.

I submitted a ticket to make Decades programming visible in Minneapolis after you did and they added it a few days ago.

Different station. Maybe the problem is KTBC, but Gracenote could just change it because we say so. The station even identifies itself as DECADES in the Tablo Guide.

You may call it sematics, they call the station KTBC, the (transmitted) network is DECADES.

I agree, it’d be nice if tablo could/would use PSIP info!!
it would be nice if tablo would/could use EPG provided with digital OTA broadcast.

Tablo uses the PSIP data. Just not the way you would like.

Are you talking about the ATSC Program and System Information Protocol for Terrestrial Broadcast and cable. Document A65, the Event Information Table (EIT)?